04 March 2012

Link round-up for 4 March 2012

It took a while, but he kept his promise.

Stonekettle Station gets funny hate mail.

Hmm, maybe holy books can serve a purpose after all.

Here are some animals right-wingers won't like.

Payback's a bitch.

Racism on the right wing just got a little further out of the closet.

They're not from Scotland.

Here's the teabagger creed.

Wyoming takes disaster preparation to a whole new level -- a nutty level (found via Mendip).

Santorum keeps an eye on things.

On education, Democrats and Republicans have differing visions.

Why are there so many atheist comedians?

Here's a glimpse into a Republican America -- and here's six views of a Republican Congressperson.

Even a funeral is no refuge from religious bigotry.

You tell 'em, sister!

Did the past week represent peak wingnut?

Human-rights struggles naturally reinforce each other (poster here).

If you don't support Obama, why not?

Santorum is wrong again, this time about cell phones.

Anne Hathaway gets it.

Controlling sexuality means controlling identity.

Ignorance in Tennessee may hurt Romney almost as much as Obama.

The truth about health-insurance reform needs to come out.

In defending contraception, make no concessions to the enemy.

Conservatism's emphasis on identity politics show that it's a culture in decline.

An economist looks at the mentality -- and money -- behind global- warming denialism.

To some, any atheist message is too controversial.

Green Eagle looks at what the right-wingers are saying these days.

Any liberal who would consider voting for Ron Paul over Obama is an ignoramus.

Don't be misled by the "narratives" about Europe's crisis -- the problem really is the euro.

The EU's destruction of socialism in Europe is opening the door to extremism, perhaps even Communism.

Germany pays the price for standing aloof from the Libya intervention.

Forget the Iraq clich├ęs and face reality about Iran.

A British convert to Islam creates jihadist headaches in east Africa.

More and more successful Chinese are achieving their fondest dream: getting the hell out of China.

Rail guns move closer to reality (found via Mendip).

Mitchellville is a piece of Southern history that deserves to be remembered.

These riddles were real thigh-slappers back in ancient Babylonia, apparently.

Here are some bullet impacts (long-term readers may recall this video). And here's one more bullet.

[Image at top found via Politics Plus.]


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