23 October 2011

Link round-up for 23 October 2011

Harold Camping and his dumbass followers were wrong again.

Our side can spell

At last -- a right-wing comic-book super-hero.

Here's a humane use of paint.

Oh, come on, these speakers can't be that good (NSFW).

That "beware the educated" poster is now for sale.

The latest right-wing critique of the Occupiers is pathetic beyond belief.

But he loves you.

The US Catholic Church is reviving an old tradition -- exorcism.

Cops catch a stupid idiot.

This pretty well sums up the media response to the Occupiers.

Rot in peace.

Want to run from police cars? A cop has some advice for you.

Well, what would Jesus think of this? And this (found via Blonde Nonbeliever).

Here's a way to imagine Romney's wealth.

15-year-old Cameron Smith ran away from his family, but there's a bit more to the story than that.

The California Medical Association supports legalizing marijuana. A majority of Americans agree, but Republicans prefer the heavy hand of big government. More right-wing anti-freedom initiatives here.

Every major ad company in Los Angeles rejected a "controversial" billboard, but look at what they've accepted.

Buggery is not as pervasive among gays as some non-gays think.

Michigan cops use legally-questionable tactics against drugs.

Hit back against predatory banks and unleash your inner chimp.

Perry's campaign exploits anti-Mormon prejudice against Romney (found via What Would Jack Do). Teabagger distaste for Romney is still dividing the right wing.

Right-wingers have become economic vandals; they have to hope we don't notice what they're doing.

The Republican party's ideology, and its ability to win elections, are a product of its relationship with the Christian Right.

The verdict of history is in: laissez-faire economics is a failure.

America's leading socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, finds his views getting more of a hearing these days.

The parasite class blames its victims.

67% of New York City voters support OWS. Martin Luther King's daughter says he would support them if he were alive today.

Obama showed that if the masses are on your side, you don't need the moneybags.

Annual incomes in the US are still falling -- except for those of millionaires. The top 1% have been pulling away from the rest for over 20 years.

Romney supports predatory banks over ordinary Americans.

Rush Limbaugh supports brutal religious terrorists over the American government.

Teabagger Melissa Brookstone calls on business to stop hiring in order to undermine Obama. After a backlash, teabaggerdom weasels around the issue.

Religion poisons government's ability to address problems.

Two Massachusetts Republicans stage a vile scam to discourage voters.

Esther Lenett, age 93, has a message for Congress.

To fend off the threats posed by the right, we need to focus on passing practical legislation.

The Values Voter Summit is a festering cesspit of un-American bigotry.

The MSM show a clear bias.

For Cody Feldman, atheist authors were there when he needed them.

Santorum opposes gay marriage, contraception, "the sexual liberty idea", and probably anything else that's fun.

Here's a little Biblical morality to brighten your day.

If you take the trouble to analyze Cain's 9-9-9 plan, it's clear that Cain himself didn't bother to do so. But his incoherent babbling about abortion may hurt him even more.

Catholic bishops are behind HR 358, the "let women die" bill (found via What Would Jack Do).

Under Obama, deportations of illegal aliens have risen to the highest levels ever.

Richard Dawkins explains why he won't debate William Lane Craig.

The insanity devours its own: birther nutjobs target Rubio.

The Arizona Republican party loses a life-long activist.

Official prayer doesn't fix deficits in Pennsylvania any better than it does drought in Texas.

Right-wingers across America rant and rave against the Occupier movement; more here. But one leader expresses some sympathy.

Republicans' ideology on taxes is almost as crazy as their religious fanaticism.

The Christian Right doesn't want "Dominion", it just wants to take over the government. Don't be fooled.

Beware of fake scientists peddling bigoted rubbish.

Even more disturbing than the right's distortion of science is its rejection of the scientific world-view.

The US has the worst child-abuse rate in the developed world.

Obama does foreign policy differently than Bush did.

Did Susan Sarandon have a point about the Pope? Let's look at the record.

American troops in Afghanistan burn O'Reilly's book.

The collapse of Britain's nascent economic recovery holds a warning for the US.

A church's claim to cure AIDS by prayer has caused at least three deaths in London (found via Republic of Gilead).

EU elites plot further centralization as discontent smoulders in Britain, where voters want a referendum on continued member- ship but their Prime Minister is determined not to give them one.

Euro coins will never be as cool as British ones.

One EU agency may have cause to mourn Qaddhafi.

The Murdoch news empire pays a settlement of £2,000,000 to the family that suffered most from its sleazy phone-hacking.

Cash-strapped Greece eyes the wealth of the parasitic Greek Orthodox Church.

More monstrous evil from the Catholic Church: Up to 300,000 newborn babies in Spain were stolen from their mothers and sold, with the mothers being told the babies were dead. "A Spanish magazine published photographs of a dead baby kept in a freezer at the San Ramon clinic, supposedly to show mothers that their child had died." More here (sent by Mendip).

Many girls in India are given names that translate as "unwanted". One district holds a renaming ceremony to give hundreds of girls a better start in life.

The Iranian theocracy carries out secret executions.

Nine months after the beginning of the Arab Spring, Tunisia holds its first free election.

Learning nothing from Libya, Syria's regime escalates repression.

The fight against religious anti-gay bigotry is world-wide.

Britain is a leading developer of anti-global-warming technology, but doesn't seem to want to use it.

German scientists' work on artificial blood vessels is a step toward growing organs in the lab.

Research affirms: The best tools we have now to fight aging are exercise and avoiding stress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, great compilation. Thanks for doing all the work for us. I'll be back to catch up when I have more time!

23 October, 2011 09:53  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

just when i said to myself that i have to stop sitting at the computer so much, because my back is killing me, i click over here and find oodles and oodles of tantalizing links.

23 October, 2011 23:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Quite a "round up" Infodell and Good Morning! But this is really a vast selection for real, I reckon I was lore lightened by the funnies to pick out here, like 9GAG or whatever. A really funny new one for me was that right wing superhero pice. Also let me say as far as Rick Perry, prayer, drought, etc, etc in Texas ... note that while Perry was having the prayer ritual's or rain dance's, or whatever here, ... it was continuous drought ... once he "stopped praying" and instead selling "look at me" ticket's in the GOP race, it started raining again ... being after he stopped praying and left Texas. So, if your a person of faith and especially a Texan ... that should clearly show ya'll that God Hate's Rick. : ) So the Christian thing to do is, dont vote for him. I'll shut up now ....

24 October, 2011 09:35  
Anonymous Bacopa said...

There was no rain in Texas until Tim Minchin went to Dallas and Dawkins, PZ and Hitchens came to Houston. They all showed up one weekend and it rained all over the state.

And since Limbaugh came up in the links, I gotta recommend this vid:


24 October, 2011 22:21  

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