16 October 2011

Link round-up for 16 October 2011

Here's a really embarrassing fundie effort against Halloween.

Tim Minchin does for Texas what Perry can't.

What if Dr. Seuss wrote "The Call of Cthulhu"? (found via Mendip).

I love this poster of what tyrants fear.

America's bigots face a crisis.

Artists of the week: RedShoulder anime-style, Keira Rathbone on typewriter.


To reach the princess in her castle, it's a difficult journey.

Keep your eye on the goddam road.

Here's a fascinating re-telling of The Thing -- from the monster's viewpoint.

Is there a "crime" when the "victim" brags about what happened?

And, yes, why is this illegal?

A New York detective testifies that it's been "common practice" among police to frame innocent people on drug charges.

Parsley's Pics has a Republican bestiary.

Anna Arrowsmith looks at some myths about porn.

The town of Centralia has been on fire for half a century.

Adultery could save your marriage. Or you might prefer to just stay single.

Learn about Romney's positions (found via Smartypants).

You have to wonder how someone this prudish can stand living in the real world.

"The Clergy Project" helps clergy escape the darkness of religion.

In addition to Fred Shuttlesworth, another civil-rights pioneer died last week.

A tumultuous life in religion leads at last to freedom.

When Gingrich complains about "judicial supremacy", he's talking about this (found via Leftwing Nutjob).

It never ends -- a Kansas bishop faces charges for hiding evidence of child abuse.

The debt-ceiling fight has vanished from most people's radar, but Smartypants thinks it will influence next year's election.

AlterNet reviews Americans' shift away from religion.

A right-wing journalist admits inciting violence at an Occupier rally. Egyptians in New York look at the protests, while blogger Dakinikat has suggestions, one job-exporting CEO misses the point, and Business Insider has data backing up the legitimacy of the grievances (found via Progressive Eruptions). Or you could just look at this sign. Finally, for the "53%" twits, there's this.

Erick Erickson makes a feeble effort to exonerate Wall Street.

The ruling class indulges in blaming its victims.

This one-percenter is cool.

A Tea Party co-founder offers some support -- and a warning -- to the Occupiers.

Jack Jodell reports from the Occupy Minnesota event last week.

My guess was right -- Occupy Portland yesterday drew 3,000 to 4,000 people (my report here).

Politics Plus looks at the police violence in New York.

Blogger Ahab finds some sane people at the Values Voter Summit.

The clash over Mormonism shows Republicans deeply fixated on religion; foreign media are starting to notice, but there's no excuse for being surprised. Jeffress may have done Romney a favor by exposing prejudice, but he has a history of such statements, and Romney's teabagger problem isn't going away.

This article's a bit old, but it's a good review of the Republicans' problem with crazies.

What will the teabaggers do if Romney's the nominee?

IEET has an interview on Mormons and politics.

Herman Cain advocated for stench and disease. His tax plan is nonsense and he probably got it from a video game.

Republicans won't let us have a jobs bill, but they'll do this. Pelosi is appalled.

The "moral majority" is shrinking -- of its own accord.

Republicans are pushing a law that would imprison you for using marijuana in foreign countries where it's legal.

The BBC has photos from October 15 rallies world-wide; notice how the MSM over-emphasizes the tiny violent minority in Rome. More world-wide photos here; Politics Plus has a report.

Canada's economic experience holds an important lesson for us.

Britain's Conservative government proposes tough measures to limit immigration.

Germany opens its borders to Polish workers, but not many seem interested -- conditions in Poland have improved.

Norway proudly maintains an open society despite July's horrific terrorist attack.

Forced marriage could soon become illegal in Britain (isn't that illegal already?).

Greek protests descend into anti-German hatred (click the grey arrow to the right of each picture to see the next one).

Atheism is spreading like wildfire in the world's biggest Catholic country.

Iranians use soccer games as a forum for protest.

After deadly religious violence in Cairo, the Egyptian transitional government holds emergency talks with Christian leaders.

The Syrian revolt seems set to escalate after authorities open fire on a funeral.

Superstition brings horror to Uganda as child sacrifice flourishes.

Scientists rebel as Texas officials censor a report.

Tyrannosaurus rex was even bigger than we thought.

[Image at top: October 15 rally in Madrid, Spain -- click to enlarge]


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Great links - as always. Particularly liked the Halloween ad. Nearly spewed coffee all over my screen.

16 October, 2011 08:08  
Blogger LadyAtheist said...

I'm disappointed that you didn't link the biggest event of the week in a lot of cities ... no not "Occupy [city]" -- Fields of Faith because peer pressure is the best way to turn someone from a lukewarm Christian to a crazy one.

16 October, 2011 10:04  
Blogger Ahab said...

LadyAtheist -- Thanks for that Fields of Faith link.

Infidel753, as always, you have fun and informative links.

17 October, 2011 08:07  
Blogger LadyAtheist said...

It was the biggest news where I live *cries*

18 October, 2011 03:21  
Blogger Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

Thanks for posting about Frank Kameny, I did not know he died..I thought you were perhaps talking about Derrick Bell, another Black civil rights activist that passed the same week as Fred Shuttlesworth.

As always, thanks for the link love too m'dear Infidel, its a fine list t be included in..and so much info! ;-)

18 October, 2011 16:08  

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