25 September 2010

Link roundup for 25 September 2010

Maps illustrate various groups' stereotypes of European countries.

These cakes are just bursting with taste (found via Mendip). Can't say the same for these "cupcakes".

Computer animation depicts early sequences from Larry Niven's novel Ringworld (sorry, no rishathra scenes).

How convenient: here's a map of American death camps.

Ron Chusid believes John Boehner. But his credibility may soon take an unexpected hit.

Ken Ham just doesn't get it (found via Republic of Gilead).

Is your cell phone an agent of evil?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin calls atheists "parasites". Here are some of them.

Yet another anti-gay preacher is accused of gay transgressions (sent by Demwit).

Is Obama a Satanist?

The Catholic Church embodies a hallowed tradition.

Atheists and Pastafarians use satire to deal with pesky campus preachers.

Fundies are still pushing religion in the military.

The Vatican Bank is under investigation for money laundering (sent by Demwit).

Udo Schuklenk looks at the Pope's visit to Britain.

O'Donnell says there would have been no need to lie to Hitler.

The media delusion that teabaggerdom is a secular alternative to the theocratic extreme right is beginning to fall apart (found via Republic of Gilead).

Maps illustrate the distribution of religion in the US.

Republicans' 2012 Presidential hopes turn to two little-known Indiana figures: Rep. Mike Pence for the teabaggers/fundies, Governor Mitch Daniels for the sane.

Florida will stop enforcing its gay adoption ban.

Can anyone remember why Mary Landrieu is a Democrat?

Nobody seems to like the new Republican "Pledge to America". See a moderate-right view at Frum Forum, a libertarian view at The Crossed Pond, a far-right view at RedState, and liberal views at Politics Plus and Liberal Values.

A federal judge's decision in the Margaret Witt case could further undermine DADT.

Moderate Republican Mike Castle criticizes his party's cowardice in the face of teabaggerdom.

The US must defeat a dangerous and fanatical insurgency.

Those who snicker at O'Donnell's "dabbling into" witchcraft should be asking a different question.

Did Jesus come for everyone, or only the Jews?

The British county of Northumbria, being outside the US, is not covered by the First Amendment.

Republicans are still the anti-science party.

Anthropologists are studying victims of Inca child sacrifice.

Britain has just inaugurated the world's largest offshore wind farm.

Modern knowledge about the brain makes the concept of the "soul" an absurdity.

[Note: Yeah, I know, I didn't do a "video of the week" this week. Oh, well, at least there was this.]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

Enjoying your round up with some Huevo Rancheros on this rain drenched Ranch morning.

Loved the map's, especially the first on the EU,Asia, etc, lot's of laf's, and the death camp and religious one. Remind's me the other day at a neighborhood pool hall, a feller I met and shot a couple round's, rattled off during the entire game, was saying that the concrete divider's on Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex freeway's were put in by FEMA , to stop driver's from making U-Turn's to try to escape Dallas, when the govenment put's us on lockdown, and Dallas will become a federal prison, and the freeway's all one way, etc. His credibility? Put it this way, in two game's of "8 Ball" I beat him like a red headed stepchild, but did say "Thanx for the warning Bud" What a fucken fruitcake ... geeezzz. :)

Pastor Eddie "Long Dong" Long? Well there certainly been alot on his sexy spandex cell photo's and ceremonies. Let me add ... Buddhism is NOT Bootyism, but I do think he paid way too much for the sex. :)

Vatican money laundering probe (Demwit) ... Sweet! ... I dont think I can recall any group in history with their hand into laundering as long as the Vatican been able to pull it.

Pharyngula on Gateshead Quran burning bust's... um, um, um ... with the way we act over here, it wont be long before it's a federal hate crime too!

So Obama is a Satanist now, heh? Um, um, um ... imagine that. I dont recall one person who ever had as many title's as him. Perhap's at Xmas the GOP/ Tea Pot's, can whine how he is the "Grinch that stole Big Business" :)

The "GOP Pledge" .... Wow, what a treat ... I'm overwhelmed with happiness! :)

Off to work in a bit ... have a good un Guy ...

25 September, 2010 08:17  
Blogger TomCat said...

Great collection, my friend.

25 September, 2010 09:17  
Blogger B.J. said...

Thanks for the links to the "Pledge" reax! I had looked for Frum's, but missed it. BJ

25 September, 2010 14:52  
Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful list - thanks for posting!

25 September, 2010 18:45  

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