18 September 2010

Link roundup for 18 September 2010

It's a generic protest sign -- suitable for any occasion!

A man with balls risks death -- and perhaps a "fate worse than" (found via Mendip).

Ranch Chimp has had it with the flood of aggressive advertising.

Mark your calendar -- the world will end on 21 May 2011.

Bethany Storro, "victim" of a claimed acid attack in the Portland area, now admits that the attack was a hoax.

I think this ad is cute, but it offended the most offensive person in the world.

DemWit has reasons to vote Republican (read the comments too).

Those wingnuts just keep 'em coming.

Rick Perry says Texas education is the best.

South Carolina Republicans know how to party like it's 1861 (sent by Mendip).

Satanism is coming to.....Oklahoma? Might mean more votes for Brittany Novotny (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Do drugs and guns cause violent crime? Apparently not.

The Atheist Camel looks at religion and fire.

Are these people racists?

The Pope is in Britain, talking even worse bullshit than usual.

Behold, another typical result of our society's tolerance of religion-spawned bigotry.

Mormon dogmas have changed drastically over time, and will need to keep doing so.

Conservative Andrew Pavelyev announces the real winner of the Republican primaries.

Lies, lies, lies!

For O'Donnell, Republicans have already created a new reality.

Right Wing News chooses the 40 best conservative blogs.

Palin dominates speculation about Republican 2012 Presidential candidates.

O'Donnell and Angle are far from secular.

The teabaggers aren't insurgents within the Republican party -- they've been the dominant part of it for some time.

Republic of Gilead has posted a detailed report on the "Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference" in Washington DC: parts one, two, three, four.

A green shoot of sanity on the right: some conservatives are fund-raising to support gay marriage.

If the teabaggers are the chosen people, O'Donnell might make a plausible Moses.

Murkowski's going ahead with her write-in campaign. Nate Silver says she's got a chance; Palin is steamed. Ideally she'll split the right-wing vote and hand Democrat Scott McAdams the seat; if she wins outright, having burned her bridges with the Republicans, she'll likely work in the Senate as a centrist independent like Joe Lieberman. Either would be better that seeing the primary winner, Palin-backed teabagger Joe Miller, take the seat.

Some Kentuckians are standing up to the mighty coal industry.

France's Senate has approved the burka ban.

Why did Thomas Jefferson read the Koran?

Does open acceptance of gays weaken armies? Ask the IDF.

Someone doesn't want you to see a film on environmental damage along the Mississippi.

Alexey Turchin warns of the ultimate computer virus.

A former military minister speaks out.

A golden age of atheism is dawning (found via John Loftus).

The US dominates the list of the world's top universities.

Krish Ashok visits the Creation Museum.

Sunspots have been declining for years, which may help offset the effects of global warming.

California scientists have developed artificial skin that can feel (found via Mendip).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Infodel!

Just a few comment's here, cause I'm not finished, but will be off to work shortly.

First of all, love the piece from Citizen Warrior about the folk's that are considered racist's, however ... so true. I am also a fan of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, after reading her book "Infidel" too, and especially what she stand's for, one Hell of a woman ... and ... not to sound sexist here ... but she is so damn good looking too, that she make's me melt like goddamn cheese on a grilled sandwich! ... that woman could put a leash around my neck for that matter! ... I cant help myself guy! But damn entertaining article and food for thought.

Atheist Ireland ... damn guy ... have you got a load on the Pope's visit this week?! Geeezzz ... wassup with it, when this character make's an appearance? As far as comparison with nazi's and atheist ... confusing to me, after all ... he was a nazi youth himself.

Nice piece from Mendip on the scientist's making artificial skin though.

I'm strongly into evolution theory ... but would absolutely love to visit that Creationist's Museum in Cincinnati ... that would be a blast, just for some entertainment ... I can only fantasize of some of the ridiculously caculated item's they may have. One of my favourite's of course is the Noah's Ark story, I love trying to fantasize about polar bear's and their mission to the desert to get on board for instance! :)

Huffington Post piece on GOP guy Schmidt ... was decent. I have argued that the same sex marriage thing is an across the board winner on all front's, especially economically ... and of course it is outright discrimination any way you slice it to deny it. But it would be great for business of course ... even looking at it from a conservative perspective (I mean conservative without all the bible book stuff that is). :)

18 September, 2010 07:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Some further, since I wasnt sure about the word/ character limit.

Pharyngula alway's has some bold and great posting too. On the thing about Texas Gov.Perry and his opinion's .. well, that's about it ... ole Rick is a tad in a time warp too, and has a good sales pitch for those who follow him ... but still just plain ole full o' shit too.

But on the Texas education thing, this is something I know well. What is different in Texas than many large state's ... is how many independent school district's there are here. Just in the Dallas Metro Area, there must be 20 or more independent school district's. When I was in LA for instance, you have a "unified" school district that cover's the entire region. Texas is very scattered on so many thing's actually, having lived in NYC, LA, Chicago, and place's as such, really make's me notice the vast difference. The up side to it here, is the independence and lack of regulation, the down side is ... you have district's in much more rural area's that can also be as independent, and damn near run their district like an American Taliban if they chose. Example of extremities I may point out as well, you would not find in many state's. I can show you rural school's ... that seem to be smothered in religios artifact's, value's, you name it ... of course state/gvmnt funded, but controlled by the community instead of the state, even if the kid's secretly laugh alot of it off. Or I can take you to a high school such as my daughter went to in downtown Dallas, that has nothing religious, or even related... which was a school strictly for performing and visual art's, gay/ lesbian prom's, no physical ed class, at least a half dozen Grammy artist came out of that school as well, and rated one of the best art's school's in the nation for that matter. Then show you another school ... who's parent's all make over $1 million a year income's, that are all snob's and reject the way's of both the previous school's mentioned. It is really weird here, and has to do with where you live and the majority of that specific area. Perhap's this will be a posting of mine to come too.

Loved the piece as well on the van warning of 05/ 21/ 2011 being the end. Damn, that really fux me up dude ... I was planning the end to be around the winter solstice of 2012 ... now I have to re-plan all my goddamn dirty deed's I was going to do! :)

18 September, 2010 07:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

would absolutely love to visit that Creationist's Museum in Cincinnati ... that would be a blast,

It's actually in Kentucky -- but yeah, by all accounts it's pretty funny. They have models of dinosaurs with saddles on them and stuff like that -- they think dinosaurs lived alongside people until the flood or something, and people actually rode on them. (What Texas cowboy wouldn't want to ride his trusty triceratops, an animal bigger than an elephant, while rounding up a herd of brontosauri?)

I love trying to fantasize about polar bear's and their mission to the desert to get on board for instance!

It's actually even weirder to imagine how all the animals got from the ark to where they are now. How did all the lemurs get to Madagascar, without even one lemur species wandering off somewhere else? How did all the giant tortoises get to all the islands where they now live, without a single giant tortoise species staying on any continent, anywhere? (Continents have only small tortoises.) Why didn't all the animal species just fan out over the whole world in a more-or-less homogenous mix? Of course, evolution explains the distribution of animals quite well.

and damn near run their district like an American Taliban if they chose.

I wonder if Oklahoma's the same. Maybe those Satanists can have their own school district.

I was planning the end to be around the winter solstice of 2012

There have been so many predicted dates for the end of the world, and the damn thing is still here, that I think we can pretty much count on it lasting for the foreseeable future.

18 September, 2010 08:55  
Blogger Ahab said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

18 September, 2010 19:39  
Blogger B.J. said...

I have always been a cat lover, so I find the saying “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” a tad offputting, but it’s TRUE. I am just so overwhelmed by all the delicious offerings in your link roundup” smorgasbord, here’s my trick: I copy and paste the entire post on an email to myself then I can read your links which interest me throughout the week. Don’t ever think this weekly post is not worth all the hard work. BJ aka DemWit

19 September, 2010 04:30  
Anonymous NickM said...

Always enjoyed your round-ups. That is enormous though!

Two thumbs up!

PS. Might interest you to know that the "Down with this sort of thing" is taken from the UK TV sitcom "Father Ted" which lampooned brilliantly the Catholic Church in Ireland. If you get the chance, get the DVDs.

19 September, 2010 05:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: You really do have a good blog. I always find interesting things on it, even if I don't always comment on them.

BJ & NickM: Every week I think I'm going to come up short and not have enough links for this thing, and every time it turns out there's plenty of material. Some people actually send me stuff for it, which helps.

I'll have to see if Father Ted is on YouTube.

19 September, 2010 09:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Infodel, I said Kentucky because I believe there was a mention on it. In downtown Cincinnati there is a river and when you cross the bridge, you are in Kentucky, still Cincinnati metro/ urban ... I think that town was Covington(KY side) ... kind of similar to your town PDX ... and you go to Vancouver,WA, but still like being in PDX metro.

Many year's ago (mid 1970's) when you could drink at 18 year's old across the nation, is how I stumbled on Covington actually. I was from Texas ... and used to drinking at 18 ... gone to Cincinnati, and they had these weird law's, to where at 18/19, you could only drink what they call 3.2 beer in the club's, had a red stamp on the bottom of the beer can, 19/21 you could drink 3.2 and wine, and 21 and up you could drink liquor, it was really fucked up man, Ohio State law's.And young folk's would go across the bridge to Covington back then cause Kentucky you could dronk it all at 18. So back then, there was alot of club's and strip joint's and stuff there since Ohio was so uptight on that.

20 September, 2010 05:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Sorry, meant to say a mention of Cincinnati ... I just woke up dude.

20 September, 2010 05:17  

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