16 September 2010

Videos of the week -- Johnny, are you.....

Josie Cotton's 1982 hit in which a gal frets over why the guy she desires doesn't seem to quite return her interest. It's a fan-made video with visuals from Harry Potter which give it a cool other-worldly look. The sound-track is loud, so set your volume low.

Next, a clever inverted take on the same song by Scott Coblio ("Koo-Koo Boy"), with fears and hopes reversed:


Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful! Thanks for posting. always liked Josie - she also did a nice cover of the old Looking Glass hit, Jimmy Loves Marianne.

16 September, 2010 05:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

No ... I never heard any of these Infodel ... Thanx ... I actually thought the music was great for a first tme listen ... I liked the first one of Potter better than the 2nd though as far as sound/ mix.

16 September, 2010 05:05  

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