11 September 2010

Link roundup for 11 September 2010

Bay of Fundie looks at intelligence levels of fundamentalists vs. atheists. A bit more data here.

I guess you can't see Russia from there after all.

Remember this song? Looks like Ray Bradbury dug it.

Alive or dead, you just can't have any fun with these guys.

Must-read: Progressive Eruptions ferrets out a startling case of blogosphere identity-theft and sock-puppetry.

The big players shouldn't give attention and credibility to small- time crazies.

Remember Tim Ravndal, the teabagger association president who got kicked out for joking about hanging gays? Well, some of his co-teabaggers want him back.

Green Eagle never lacks material for a wingnut wrapup.

Christine "thou shalt not wank" O'Donnell is now endorsed by Palin.

Increasing the power of Republicans in Congress could endanger Social Security (found via Demwit).

A clear majority of Americans favor letting the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthiest.

Lisa Murkowski isn't bowing out quietly -- which could split the conservative vote in Alaska.

Democratic office-holders whose own seats are safe need to be more aggressive.

Some Republican insiders are skeptical of predictions that they'll win big this year.

Where did all that oil in the Gulf go? Straight to the bottom, and it's still there.

Tea Party Tracker is a new site which "monitors racism and other forms of extremism within the Tea Party movement" (found via Republic of Gilead). They're gonna be busy.

Anti-gay evangelical churches are losing the support of their own younger members.

Calling out evil and stupidity is now an "onslaught".

Prop. 8 Trial Tracker has a report from "The Call".

In one important way, Obama's vision of America is not ours.

William Lobdell is seeking first-person stories of the effects of religion on sexuality. Do you have one?

Is Feisal Abdul-Rauf a moderate or a stealth jihadist? There's evidence for both claims.

Anti-abortion terrorist Justin Carl Moose describes himself as a "Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden". Other fundamentalist loons think that the September 11 attack was God's punishment for abortion (found via Republic of Gilead).

The Daily Universe, a newspaper of Brigham Young University, published a letter articulately critiquing Mormon support of Prop. 8, then pulled it. The full letter and context are here (found via The Whore of All the Earth); the paper's feeble explanation is here.

Religion has a long history of abusing women and minorities.

On Terry Jones's Koran cook-out, PZ Myers gets it. William Loftus looks at Muslim reactions. (My own take is here.)

Parsley's Pics has a history post up about the London Blitzkrieg.

The Labor Day holiday commemorates the judicial murder of five anarchists in Chicago in 1887.

Tom Degan looks at the shift of Southern conservatives from the Democratic to the Republican party staring in the 1960s.

Leading science magazine Nature speaks out bluntly about the dangerous anti-science streak on the American right wing.

The stem-cell research funding ban is on hold, which is good news -- but see my comment at the post.

The technology of artificial limbs has become startlingly advanced (found via Mendip).


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Inf"o"del!

Couldnt comment yesterday cause I only had read time, and still am not finished. But thanx for again a well picked bunch! I call you "Infodel" instead of "Infidel" because of your ability to gather info.

But what a piece on ole Bionic Boy heh? (UK/Mendip) ... I actually been keeping up with much of this as well, just havent posted anything on it. The possibilities are infinite! :) ... By golly too ... if some species can grow back part's ... we needed to get the recipe! :)

I really like the music compose of that video that PZ Meyers had posted on shagging Ray Radbury ... nope .. dont recall it off hand, but nice music blend.

Real nice post that I was in the middle of link's on yesterday when I had to run, from Demwit on Think Progress piece on SSI being under assault ... believe me ... I have also been aware of this ... again ... the mentality (GOP)to this is old school trickle down economic's, and convincing everybody that they can be investor's, however ... small folk's do not get to invest with the same rule's as big folk's, I'll leave it there. I mean ... I'm better off investing in a kilo of cocaine and cooking it into two for distribution, although I wouldnt do that since it is illegal, just using at as an example of the investor spirit. :)

Progressive Eruptions piece on identity theft made me laugh, only because I pity the person who would be dumb enough to steal my identity. :)

Speaking of ole PZ Meyers ... what a piece and straightforward on the quran burning disraction. I have on "Meet the Press" (NBC tele) in the background, and Rudy"Poo" Guiliani (spelling?) was on there talking compassion for 9/11 victim's familia's, and terror threat's ... I am sure by tomorrow he will be labeled as a racist, nazi, bigot, or similar stupidity from the pop culture masses. I agree with him myself, and I'm not even a republican. :)
But I am a nazi (part jew though) :)

Nice piece to from Daylight Atheism on the gender desegregation wednesday's ... folk's still do that shit after all these year's ... show's you how truely liberated we are in the 21st century, heh?

Have a good un Bud! ....

12 September, 2010 07:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


Yes, an artificial hand you can tie shoelaces with -- we've come a long way from the days of Captain Hook.

I bet deep down Ray Bradbury wishes that gal had come along a few decades ago when he would have been better able to take her up on her enthusiasm:-)

The Social Security issue is important because older people vote more regularly than any other group. If they realize that the Republicans pose a threat to their benefits, it could swing a few districts.

12 September, 2010 08:50  

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