04 September 2010

Link roundup for 4 September 2010

Like other vapid celebs, God goes into rehab, just for show.

Here's the latest Texas invention: deep-fried beer.

Mormonism is like spam, poetically.

Supernatural scammers seem weirdly similar in every country (found via Mendip).

A bit of hugging can do wonders for a baby.

Lady Gaga is too controversial for Apple.

Fake or real, US Presidents and Saudi royalty are an unaesthetic combination.

Christine McDonnell, teabagger-supported Senate candidate of Delaware, has taken a firm stand against masturbation (found via Mad Mike's America). Moderate Republicans are clearly worried about her.

If elected, Sharron Angle would be much worse than just a bad joke.

Conservatives' infighting could lose them NY-23 again.

Kevin Drum thinks teabaggerdom won't last.

The Bush-era Pentagon was soft on kiddie porn (found via Oliver Willis).

The flow of illegal aliens into the US has plummeted to one-third of its level a few years ago. Tough state laws and the Obama adminis- tration's stricter border enforcement (compared to the lax policy of the Bush years) probably both deserve some of the credit.

Glenn Beck's religious pretensions are not unprecedented.

Tony Perkins seems a bit paranoid about Ken Mehlman.

There's no conflict between happiness and rationality.

Predictably, a few wingnuts blame Discovery-Channel terrorist James Lee's lunacy on Darwinism. Don't be fooled.

NOM and its ilk want to leave gays trapped in a Kafkaesque reality.

Proselytizing in the internet age just isn't the same.

The idea that prayer does any good just isn't common sense.

Phony phone calls from God should eventually turn children off of religion. In fact, it's an award-winning idea.

Don't believe everything Feisal Abdul-Rauf says.

Switzerland takes an accommodating approach to prostitution (found via Mendip).

I don't think governments should recognize or subsidize religions
-- but if they must, Italy at least chose the right one to exclude.

Vodafone is the latest of many companies to give up on doing business in China.

Xinjiang (Uighurstan) has just suffered its worst ethnic violence in decades.

Sure, elephants are big, but there's another animal that can scare them away.

Chimpanzees in Guinea have figured out how to deactivate the traps that human hunters set for them.

The exposure of a case of scientific dishonesty shows why science works so well.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infidel!

I just seen a teen gal walking down the street the other day, looked about 14 or so, just left school ... wearing a t-shirt that had your name on it "INFIDEL", I was wondering if your even getting notoriety now amongst Texas teen's?

Thank You for the selection of site round up's to finger through this morning! Over some ranch style Tex/Mex grub!

No ... I never heard a damn thing about the deep fried beer yet! Some of these SOB's in Texas will deep fry any damn thing though, Thanksgiving is the popular deep fried turkey's for instance. Fella dont want to mess around on these redneck rural gal's either ... she may get mad and deep fry the ole boy's dick! :)

3 Cheer's to Guinea' Chimp's!(BBC) That dont suprise me at all though, especially the part in figuring out how to deactivate the trap's, or should anyone else who know's a lil about chimp's ... a day may come where they even get into culinary art's and Texas tradition and deep fry a couple hunter's! :)

Interesting lil piece at Blag Hag's place ... I dont "tweet", but interesting about Apple, and their rule's ... WTF is next? Now Ms.Gaga I seen has been being accused along with Beyonce, of using satanic symbolism and hidden message's by religious freak's too. Atta Grrrlll Ms.Gaga!

And refreshing piece from Tele.Co.UK ... as far as companies like Vodafone walking from China! Ya'll aint the only place in the world to do business!

Got to read a few more, then jump shower, shave, and head to work.

Have a fulfilling Holiday Weekend Guy!

04 September, 2010 08:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: That dont suprise me at all though, especially the part in figuring out how to deactivate the trap's, or should anyone else who know's a lil about chimp's

Nope, they're smart critters -- when I read about the psychology experiments conducted on them decades ago, they were always outsmarting the scientists.

Now Ms.Gaga I seen has been being accused along with Beyonce, of using satanic symbolism

Well, they certainly can't accuse her of being Muslim, not with the way she dresses.....

I just wish someone would figure out how to deep-fry the teabaggers -- one shudders to think of the toxic fat content, though.

04 September, 2010 09:09  
Blogger Sue said...

I especially like the Mormon blog, I added it to my list! ;-)

04 September, 2010 19:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sue: Did you also see this post of hers to which I linked last week?

04 September, 2010 23:27  
Blogger Sue said...

Infidel, That was a powerful piece from her!

Those mormon witches have been harrassing me again, they are so evil just like their beloved mormonism! (is that how you say the dreaded "religion"?) :-)

05 September, 2010 04:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

mormonism! (is that how you say the dreaded "religion"?)

I consider the second "m" to be optional:-)

05 September, 2010 08:58  
Blogger Sue said...

HA!! Gotcha!

05 September, 2010 15:48  
Blogger longhorn believer said...

@ranch chimp - as usual you had me rolling on the floor! I can confirm deep fried beer. I heard about it on the radio in Austin. You're right, they will deep fry anything down here, or cover it in sugar, and that includes atheists probably - roll us in flour and stick us in the grease - right there on the Texas State Fair Grounds in front of God and everybody! Lol!

06 September, 2010 15:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

they will deep fry anything down here, or cover it in sugar, and that includes atheists probably

They'd find me a tad hard to swallow, I'm sure -- and if I have to go, let me at least give a few fundies clogged arteries and heart attacks.

06 September, 2010 16:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ms. Long Horn(s):

I hope I'm not talking to the "Devil" here ... I mean anyone with a name like "Longhorn" give's me the "chill's" (just kiddin Dear)

Yeah ... I just found out a list the thing's that are deep fried, Hell Grrrllll they even had deep fried Margarita's! But I heard that this year's deep fry winner was for deep fried Frito Pie( I make excellent Frito Pie's by the way). Funny LB ... right across the street from the front gate of the Texas Fair ... is the Exposition Park Art's District, which has one of Dallas' higher concentration's of atheist's and especially pagan's, it was a haunt of mine and friend's for year's ... those right winger fundamoralist's sure as Hell wouldnt have to go far to find some atheist's, and even a few good ole down home oldstyle pagan's!

As far as the crack up thing Dear ... please dont use crack on my behalf ... it is a dangerous drug! :)

I reckon you heard the rumor that Gov. Rick Perry is "gay", heh?

He's so slow ... if asked, he would probably say ... "You Betcha!" :)

07 September, 2010 04:45  

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