28 August 2010

Link roundup for 28 August 2010

Some Paultards want their own separate communities.

Did Jesus preach openly or secretly?

The ugly practice of bear-baiting continues in South Carolina (sent by Mendip). And the gas stations there aren't very nice either.

That Mississippi school which was allocating student offices by race has changed its policy.

As Glenn Beck's religion-fest attempts to usurp the anniversary of Martin Luther King's greatest speech, Progressive Eruptions looks at what top conservatives back then actually said about King and civil rights.

Some teabaggers aren't on board with Beck.

Frum Forum blogger RD claims the Republican party is dropping its anti-gay stance, but apparently not everyone has gotten the memo.

The Republican resurgence in the polls is due almost entirely to gains in one demographic group.

Some right-wing bloggers are being paid for their work.

Teabaggerdom isn't just concerned with economics -- it embraces the modern right's theocratic, anti-abortion essence.

Andrew Pavelyev laments the continuing radicalization of the Republican party, from which Democrats hope to benefit.

Insana D writes about confronting the religion from which one has escaped (found via The Whore of All the Earth).

End the abusive relationship -- divorce Jesus!

After ditching religion, the next step is to ditch the prudishness it inculcates.

Craig at The Loathsome Joy blog looks at Mormonism's self- delusion and the reality behind its claims of rapid growth (found via The Whore of All the Earth); check out the links in the second comment, especially this one.

Blogger Mother Hen has done some research on what the Ground Zero mosque / community center will actually be like.

Islamists and the Christian Right have much in common.

Stupid Evil Bastard defends getting tough on nonsense. Looks like anti-religion activists in New Zealand aren't pulling their punches.

Russell Blackford clears up confusion about freedom of religion.

Udo Schuklenk looks at the Falun Gong and finds it just another ordinary religious cult with the usual prejudices.

Stalin's tyranny had religious roots.

Germany's economy is booming and optimistic, a vindication of its superior economic model (found via Mad Mike's America). Britain too is seeing impressive growth, but Greece is still in trouble.

Ozawa Ichiro is back in the news, and his grasp of the concept of tact is as lousy as ever.

China suffers yet another tainted-food scandal (found via Mendip).

Why isn't more aid reaching Pakistan's flood victims? Maybe it's because aid workers are being threatened.

Iran's conventional weapons aren't all they're cracked up to be.

China's income inequality is among the world's worst, raising concerns about the country's stability.

Some plants under attack can call on insects for help.

PLX4032 shows some promise in treating melanoma.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy from the Ranch Mr.Infidel! First ... Thank You for searching for and posting this selection of link's. I still have a few to read, but also have to go to work in a bit ... a couple hundred mile's south of Dallas ... so I wanted to post a couple quikies here.

I understand the frustration of Mr.SE Bastard and atheist's as far as shoving religion down the throat's of America, luckily this town has a group to support them, or they would be out of business quick! But I couldnt help laughing my ass off watching the video he posted also! I would expect to see this sort of thing in some rural Texas town. But a hilarious one I want to contribute here if I may. Between Austin and Dallas (TX), a lil over a couple hundred miles, way out in the middle of some lone prarie off the Interstate 35, no home's around or anything much, there is this adult sex arcade and dvd rental joint with a big billboard by it, advertising what it offer's, lotion's, potion's, mag's, arcade's, dvd's, etc, ... well on the flip side of the same billboard, is another advertisement from a church, saying to save yourself from porn, go see Jesus, etc, etc ... it is common to find these joint's way out in some prarie or desert only because it may be the only place for miles in a particular county to find adult item's/ sales, and these are also pick up point's for booth quickies for local redneck's or such and local redneck gal's looking to make a buck ... but to see this billboard on both side's is hilarious!

Also thanx for the posting on Daily Caller piece about blogging for buck's ... Leslie on Parsley's Pics site gave me some point's the other day, I wasnt even aware of. I would actually be ashamed to write politic's online motivated by profit, or even allow ad's on my blog, that's just me.

Also thanx on the piece from Huffington Post on China poised for Implosion, because what is going on over there, is going to be a real show, the communist government had to jump in recently just to try to have some control over the outside investor's buying up all the real estate around, this will be a show though for sure!

Have a Good Un Guy ....

28 August, 2010 08:25  

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