21 August 2010

Link roundup for 21 August 2010

It's the greatest show on Earth -- the Republican circus!

This chick is really into Ray Bradbury (NSFW).

Many people have quit their jobs. Few have done it with this much style (found via Mendip).

Some fundies seem to think a religion doesn't deserve respect unless people die for it.

Driving instructor Four Dinners continues to face challenges with his immigrant students.

Sissy conservatives recoil from rugged, manly liberals.

Hot-for-Jesus looks at Jesus fashion.

The British city of Bradford faces a scary invasion from South America (found via Mendip).

Green Eagle has some ideas for re-designing American currency.

How about switching around the Social Security tax?

Grand totals from the NOM tour: 22 "rallies", 1,274 supporters, 3,419 pro-gay counter-protesters.

Palin isn't pulling in the crowds any more, either.

Tom Tancredo's third-party candidacy for Governor of Colorado is hurting the Republican's chances.

Rand Paul's former huge lead over Jack Conway has now shrunk to a tie.

Eli Lehrer explains why a "double-dip" recession is unlikely.

Have the banksters screwed themselves?

Robert Creamer looks at the real Republican strategy.

68% of Americans oppose the Ground Zero mosque, while only 29% favor it (even some moderate Muslims, including Miss USA, are uncomfortable with it). If you don't think this ludicrously-overhyped "issue" is a vote-winner for the right wing, you're dreaming. Howard Dean talks sense.

Don't be misled: the Christian Right is declining in the US, both in numbers and in the respect it gets from the public. Interesting predictions here.

Russell Blackford dissects an anti-atheist diatribe; PZ Myers crushes an atheist-bashing e-mail; and Jen McCreight responds to -- well, I'm not sure what to call this.

Feminists should be atheists, and vice versa.

The Creation Museum is a sad and intimidating place.

A Saudi court is considering surgical paralysis as a punishment.

Atheist Ireland looks at a vestige of state religious propaganda.

Wendy Lewis has been named "Britain's most disgusting person" after urinating on a war memorial.

The French government is starting to deport Romanian Gypsies living illegally in France.

Asia welcomes some long-overdue signs of remorse from Japan for its crimes during World War II.

Sorry, AGW denialists -- sunspot activity is at a historic low.

The Immortality Institute is funding a new research project on mitochondrial uncoupling -- a promising strategy against the aging process.


Blogger tnlib said...

Interesting collection of links. I have to smirk over the fact that the upcoming talk by Palin in Jacksonville has been moved from a near 3000 seat theatre to one of a mere 600 seats. That has to be hard on anyone with an ego the size of hers.

Also enjoyed the articles about the decline in fundamentalism.

21 August, 2010 08:04  
Anonymous rita said...

I could totally relate to the article about the Creation Museum. I know how it would make me feel to be there. At the least very uncomfortable, at the most like reliving my childhood of guilt,fear & oppression.
People like my crazy religious fundamentalist mother generally accuse people with sentiments of revulsion to religion of overreacting or better yet, a symptom of spiritual conviction. The idea being if your are repulsed by what they present, it is the evil in your heart reacting.
I see it as just another way that fundamentalists christians dehumanize the rest of us by refusing to validate other people's rights to autonomous feelings or having any actions outside their skewed reality.
Children who grow up under this repression often have to resist very hard to not have their independent selves swept away.

21 August, 2010 08:57  
Blogger TomCat said...

An impressive list, as always.

21 August, 2010 10:13  
Blogger TRUTH 101 said...

Alright Infidel! I finally made it back to "THE LIST."

21 August, 2010 14:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks, everyone.

Palin, I think, was a novelty act who wore out her welcome. Even a majority of Republicans now consider her unqualified to be President.

The idea being if your are repulsed by what they present, it is the evil in your heart reacting.

Yes, every reaction they don't like is Satan at work, not an actual point of view they might need to take into account and deal with. It's not just a skewed reality but a very simple and dull one.

Children who grow up under this repression often have to resist very hard to not have their independent selves swept away.

I hope you've read Dennett on this subject -- religion as a form of mind-control parasite, like those sometimes encountered in science fiction.

YouTube now requires a login for the Ray Bradbury video because it's naughty, so I switched the link to the embedded version on Pharyngula which doesn't require that. You can still fullscreen it.

22 August, 2010 04:43  
Blogger Christine Vyrnon said...

Thanks again - great list! Next Wednesday Clusterhump will have your name in it :)

25 August, 2010 13:13  

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