07 September 2010

A win down under

As we contemplate our dismal teabagger- and theocrat-infested electoral landscape, a bit of good news from the other side of the world: Julia Gillard, Australia's first openly-atheist Prime Minister, has won a second term after a photo-finish close election and two and a half weeks of coalition-building.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I think a muslim would have been a better choice and more "fashionable" :)

08 September, 2010 02:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Wouldn't have passed muster in Australia.

08 September, 2010 03:25  
Blogger magpie said...

Ed Husic was elected to the seat of Chifley in western Sydney for the ALP in the election just finished. He is Australia's first Muslim member of parliament at the federal level. He says he is non-practicing.

I don't know what the above comment is meant to mean so do with this as you will.

In 2005 he stated "fear campaigns against Muslims in this country are un-Australian".
I agree.

09 September, 2010 05:27  

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