12 September 2010

Ready, set, burn!

All out of Korans? There's still this.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hell ... I thought it was going to be about burning a bible ... there just aint no more good ole fashioned humor left. A confederate flag ... do they still exist?, I reckon you can buy them online.

12 September, 2010 07:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

A confederate flag ... do they still exist?, I reckon you can buy them online.

I hear in a lot of the country you can get them off of pick-up trucks. Need to be kinda careful, though.

I've read that in the sixties there were these mini-Bibles that evangelists used to hand out on college campuses, and the students would use the individual pages for rolling joints -- they were the perfect size. The person who wrote about this mentioned once actually asking an evangelist for another Bible because "the one you gave me last time is all used up", and the guy looked confused.....

12 September, 2010 08:40  
Blogger tnlib said...

Thanks for the remindr. I placed an image on my side bar.

12 September, 2010 09:38  
Anonymous rita said...

I remember those little free bibles. We always had a stack of them in reform school. We used to pilfer cigarette butts where ever we could find them, save the tobacco and roll cigarettes with that thin paper.

Hey! We were desperate. :)

12 September, 2010 22:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Rita: Very innovative thinking indeed ... and you bring back alot of ole memories girl! When I was in a reform once in Industry, NY (well actually more like a prison for offender's between age's 15 and 17 basically) we had our cigarette's dispersed to us by guard's about 6 time's a day only ( I was con a maximum security/ punishment unit though )... like when you were working the field's... after a few hour's we get to take 15 (minute break and have a cigarette and water) before lock mdown in our cell's and light's out at night, etc. :)

13 September, 2010 16:27  

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