21 November 2009

Link roundup for 21 November 2009

The happiest country in the world is Denmark (why am I not surprised?).

A new holy water dispenser has some flaws.

Mendip is unimpressed with the new version of The Prisoner. Ron Chusid doesn't like it either.

Middle of Nowhere has the goods on Palin. Zirgar has a question.

Truth Shall Rule compares right-wing visions of femininity and masculinity.

DemWit looks at the political right to lie.

Flibanserin could be the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend.

Remember this next time you see a conservative scare story about health-care reform.

There's more on the Psalms 109:8 meme at BeliefNet and Politics Plus.

We'll probably be seeing a lot of this guy.

Congressional Democrats face risks in 2010.

After some last-minute nail-biting, NY-23 is really over.

The Republican primary system gives Palin a good chance of being their 2012 Presidential candidate. Read this too.

Most Republican Presidential contenders are creationists.

Republican party identification just looks worse and worse.

Tara McKelvey looks at Bush-administration attitudes towards veterans with PTSD.

391% isn't enough.

If you're not boycotting Mall-Wart yet, read this.

Obama's gone off the bipartisan deep end again.

Putin wades into the world of rap.

Gay marriage has come to South America.

Here's how socialized medicine actually works in five countries.

The Scottish Nationalist Party needs to choose its candidates more carefully.

The Guardian interviews Caspian Makan, boyfriend of murdered Iranian protester Neda Agha-Soltan.

PZ Myers reviews a debate with a creationist.

The Greenland ice cap is melting faster than ever, now losing 273 cubic kilometers of water per year.

A new "lab on a chip" could diagnose diseases faster and less traumatically.

In a strengthening of school standards, Britain has made teaching evolution mandatory in all primary schools (found via Oliver Willis). Let's hope we'll eventually do the same.

Gizmodo looks at progress in growing human organs in the lab.


Blogger Holte Ender said...

Diverse selection of links. Good job, makes me realize how much I miss.

21 November, 2009 07:00  
Blogger TomCat said...

That's an eclectic collection. Thanks!

21 November, 2009 09:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Probably the most gripping link here was about "God,Army,PTSD" being another of the many stories I have heard and also had veteran's tell me their situation's first hand ... but this isnt the place for some of my stories. Veteran's are probably one of the most disrespected segment's of American's, beside's young children ...we alway's hear about gay,race,gender abuse, but two that are abused by our society I dont hear much about are Vet's and kid's.

Denmark about the "happiest" country? Hmmmm ...imagine that...and I thought American's were the happiest considering how many walk around with a shiteating smile all the time. :)

Holy Water Dispenser ...that's a rip off ...basically a urinal with a cross added.

DemWit's "right to lie" post ...yes, I read it ...I'll be polite THIS TIME and not comment here!

Swash Zone, Neither a borrower or lender be ...kind of touches home for me. As I pointed out time and again ...these are all just crook's. What was once evil become's good when those with the good guy badges declare it good.I lived with my dad in Vegas for awhile as a child,he was in the casino business, the familia owned and operated ...they were moved out of the east coast and said to be criminal's,including my father,who was also a WW2 vet,went to Vegas and were welcomed, then what they created was bought out by so called elitist's(corporation's)who took the familia's creation's and idea's and now label it as good and their own...as if they actually had created something.This is what seperate's the doer's from the talker's. And if you were to rob any of these so called elite these day's...believe me, it's justified.Think of yourself as a hero for doing so, like a Robinhood I reckon.

Box Turtle Bulletin, I have alot of question on this posting. No, I dont shop WalMart ...why would I? I get a 10% discount to shop Target. But WalMart also has a policy in Dallas for sure and I THOUGHT it was nationwide, you dont get arrested or detained as of a few year's ago for shoplifting anything $25 or less. They take back their good's and send you out the door and verbally tell you if you re-enter the store after the verbal warning of coarse make's it criminal trespassing, and that is a nationwide law. In Dallas period I know for a fact that any shoplifting that is $50 or theft of anything without a weapon involved does not constitute ANY detention or jail time as even a sentence, because it fall's under "Class C" offense, which is ONLY citatable(ticket). Wal-Mart has right nationally to detain a shoplifting suspect, but in a case like this, it is almost unheard of.Perhap's it's because it's a small town I reckon, I mean I drove all around Michigan before and never heard of "Niles". I am not trying to discredit the story, I just am saying I cant buy it like it is told without knowing more detail's.

Nice piece from Science Daily on the melting in Greenland!Of coarse there are those who wont believe it even if you flew them over it in a helocopter and tossed them out.

Thanx Guy ....

21 November, 2009 15:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

and I thought American's were the happiest considering how many walk around with a shiteating smile all the time. :)

Well, the downside of that is the amount of shit we have to eat.....

Of coarse there are those who wont believe it even if you flew them over it in a helocopter and tossed them out.

Oliver Willis has a link to something I only skimmed yet, but it looks like the right-wing global-warming-denialist nutters are in the middle of massively embarrassing themselves like the creationists did with Michael Behe and his "irreducible complexity" concept which "refuted" evolution. A hacker stole some e-mails from a scientific institute in Britain, and the denialists are jumping on this because they misunderstand the way scientists use terminology in the e-mails and they think they show that scientists have been faking their climate data! Of course, even when that gets cleared up and blows over, as you say, they still won't believe it. It's like with the Obama-birth-certificate crowd -- no matter how much egg they get on their faces, they can't see it.

21 November, 2009 16:02  

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