14 November 2009

Blogroll trim (2)

Papamoka has signed off from blogging, and unfortunately not for such an agreeable reason as Vamp had. The recession has been tougher on him than on most of us.

In the posting below, I noted the importance of recognizing that not all conservatives are crazy. In that spirit, I'm adding the Frum Forum, David Frum's site. Again, when I talk about rational conservatives, I don't mean people who could be mistaken for liberals. Frum is a conservative. But he's not a nutcase, and he's repeatedly stuck his neck out to call on fellow conservatives to renounce the nutty stuff (like the Obama-was-born-in-Kenya fantasy) which is wrecking their movement.

I'll be continuing to review the blogroll -- in general, if a blog has gone more than a month without a new post, I assume it's gone inactive. I'll be adding some recent new discoveries, too.


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