10 November 2009

In Florida, the fragmentation begins

As previously adumbrated, hard-line conservatives have begun officially supporting Marco Rubio against relatively-moderate Republican (and suspected closet homosexual) Charlie Crist to become the party's candidate for Florida's open Senate seat next year, though polls show Rubio less likely to win than Crist against a Democratic opponent.

As if that weren't enough, the "Tea Party" has now been registered as an official third party in Florida (found via Oliver Willis).

Stock up on popcorn -- and let a hundred NY-23s bloom!


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Alway's good to see how democracy is alive and well in America.I alway's said there is no greater democratic system in the world than the USA ... and 2nd to none on being full of shit as well! Reckon that's what make's it so exciting.

The Teabag Party or whatever ... alot of fun, but let's see where it goes ...hell of a time for republican's to split...heh? A wealthy Dallas guy named Ross Perot year's back started some party...I think it was called "United we Stand"(similar) looked like it was taking off well, I never hear about them any more. Teabag's heh? Hell of a name.

Thanx ...........

10 November, 2009 16:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Teabag's heh? Hell of a name.

I wish this whole tea party / teabagger movement had been called something else. I like tea.

10 November, 2009 19:03  

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