07 November 2009

Link roundup for 7 November 2009

Visit the huge and entertaining online Museum of Unworkable devices (found via Mendip).

Jon Stewart does Glenn Beck's act better than Glenn Beck.

Still got any of that demon-possessed candy? Here's what to do (found via Rita).

Yes, it is all Bush's fault.

Take that, you butt hurt Science Thumpers!

Help spread the word about this video.

Mr. Charleston has an interesting tale of serving on a mostly-female jury.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Ghlenbek R'epub wgah'nagl fhteabagn! (sent by Mendip).

Privileged Wall Street grandees get the swine flu vaccine ahead of hospitals and high-risk populations.

As unemployment hits 10.2% (finally equalling, if memory serves, the peak rate of the recession of the early 1980s), is the financial sector importing cheap foreign workers to displace Americans?

Bureaucratic blundering in Texas is setting hundreds of violent criminals free (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Obama is like Kennedy, not like Johnson.

Middle of Nowhere has highlights of this week's teabagger event in Washington.

What exactly is Pat Robertson so upsent about?

Looks like Orly Taitz will soon be in more trouble than ever.

Same nuts. Same squirrels.

Media spin notwithstanding, this week's elections were bad news for Republicans -- the party out of power is supposed to gain House seats in off-year elections, not lose them, and the results continue an ongoing pattern of Democratic wins in traditionally Republican turf.

Reconstitution 2.0 has a startling and revealing collection of quotes from Hitler. Keep these for the next time someone claims he was an atheist.

Jack Jodell is working on a "progressive manifesto" to clarify what the left stands for -- give feedback in the comments. Already up: the economy and the role of government.

Traitor. Dachau. Rothschilds. Sambo. Sponsored by top House Republicans.

A Sullivan reader tries to rationally address the teabagger phenomenon.

A conservative military officer reports that Iraq is a cesspit of corrupt.....Americans.

The Catholic Church is reaching out to Anglicans who think their own church isn't bigoted enough. Should we care?

Jacob Weisberg says the victory of freedom is inevitable.

Here's a stunning collection of World War II paintings from the Soviet Union.

Is adultery beneficial?

The internet is not causing people to become socially isolated.

Can't understand when someone speaks to you in a foreign language? By 2011 you'll be able to buy glasses that provide instant subtitles.


Blogger Sue said...

Infidel was I correct in saying the government is bringing in these workers or is it the corporations themselves bringing them in? I want to make a correction if I have it wrong, Thanks!

07 November, 2009 04:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sue -- From the info in your linked post I can't really tell. I don't think the government actually "brings in" immigrants -- at most it decides whom to admit out of those who apply. At any rate, it's the corporations who are hiring cheaper workers (assuming the story is true) in preference to Americans, which seems to me to be the more significant point.

07 November, 2009 04:21  
Anonymous Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

First of all I was so impressed with the pieces of art in "All World Wars" ... I loved them! (would love to steal a few) :)
One Hell of a collection!

This piece on "Homeopathy" from Pharyngula. I guess this is a little over my head,I mean I am not very bright when it come's to these scientific subject's or theories,I had to actually watch this video twice ... but the "point" of it didnt sink in I reckon.No ...I dont understand what Dr.Werner is trying to get at frankly. Basically I just gave up guy. But I must say that Dr.Werner is one Hell of a good looking woman! ... enough to make any man "vibrate with energy".

The Beattitude post with "Lizzie" One thing this commentor said was " I appreciate science because it helped find medicine's"(??) Is that the sole reason human's like science? ...because I hear that alot. Frankly I dont know much science...but alway's am fasinated with the studies either way...(I know that sound's like a contradiction...but I cant explain why I am like that)I also notice this STRONG resistance to science or evolution,study of the earth,and the list goes on from folk's that read the bible. I can only guess that,that is because of not the bible,but those who instruct them on the bible(?) And I say that because I too read the bible ...I frankly dont see where you can even see anything remotely scientific about the bible,Or even rationally explaining just about anything that studies the root's of nature,earth,the solar system,and I could go on and on. I recently done a post related somewhat to this subject(cant even recall the name of it)But my point I was putting across to those who want to look to the bible for answer's on these subject's is ...If you had just recieved something like a triple bypass surgery job ... your laying up in recovery at the hospital(ICU), and the doctor who is checking in on your progress and vital sign's,etc. if refering to any text/book ... would you want them to refer to their medical text's or to the dead sea scroll's? I think one even of faith would have a change of heart there.Same when I am trying to work on my car to save a few bux...I refer to the owner's manual's and such ... not to a cook book. But that's just me guy.

Yep...I heard over and over about the teabag's all week it seem's, wow! ...what a bunch.And the "birther's" or whatever their labeled as. Looking at this Orly Taitz(maybe that's one of them WalMart portrait's though)damn is she a good looking woman! I been meaning to do a post on that and will,because it seem's like the GOP is and has been just using good looking women to win over vote's (yet still are loosing votes their so screwed up right now)... on every level and agenda ...who are nutcases in many cases..and even these gal's know they look so good(not all but I've noticed many)they use it as a "tool" to sell their idea's, nothing more than a hustle basically.

The BBC piece on the translation spex was excellent! I actually even look forward to other devices similar to hearing aid looking attachment's for the general public and hand held devices as big seller's.

Digital Media' piece on the study about interent, and social networking/social interaction and such interested me because,this has been a big concern.Even though I am one that whine's about all the folk's who you dont know nothing about online. I think the internet and even it's social networking is great!It's just that it's fairly new (20 year's popular?) so it will change and take form and improve as it evolve's is all.As you probably know...I am very pro use of this...why? because I think of thing's like not needing school class room's anymore...or even having to commute to work and a list of other benefit's to come, from medical practice to running an assembly line of product's from your dwelling using technologies and robotic's, and everything in between.

Thank You Sir.......... good bunch!!

07 November, 2009 07:01  
Blogger mendip said...

I agree with Ranch Chimp - the Soviet war paintings are very moving. An incredible collection.

07 November, 2009 07:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second RC and Mendip on the Soviet war paintings.

But can't resist thinking that while the Soviet artists so movingly portrayed their countrymen as either heroes or victims, they (not surprisingly) did not show their less admirable role, that of oppressors.

You won't find any art there depicting the murder, mass rapes, and devastation caused by the Red Army in Europe during WWII.

My parents, who have lived through the war, tell me horrific stories (and I suspect even those are already edited on my behalf) about the Soviets' behavior during liberation of Poland. Some of it is mentioned here, though not in much detail.

My father recalls that his family and neighbors were more afraid of the Soviets than Germans, especially since the former entered Poland as "friends," but behaved like enemies.

On a different note, The Museum of Unworkable Devices is great -- the psychological profiling of the perpetual motion machine inventors is particularly entertaining. And looking at the visual illusions makes my brain hurt. Ouch!

09 November, 2009 20:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Elizabeth -- Very true. Had it not been for the Red Army's defeat of the Nazis, most eastern European nations would not even exist today (given the nature of the Nazis' plans for after they won the war) -- yet the Red Army's atrocities are part of the reality of history as well.

Cases like Germany in which a society has fully faced up to the crimes committed in its past may be more the exception than the rule. My impression is that most Russians prefer to ignore or deny the crimes committed by the Soviet side during the war. Certainly this is true of Japan. It's true of Belgium where the Congo atrocities are concerned. Certainly during the war itself (when these paintings were done), the subject would simply have been a forbidden one in the USSR.

10 November, 2009 02:09  

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