14 November 2009

Link roundup for 14 November 2009

What if The Matrix had been a Russian silent movie? (Found via Mendip.)

Here's what a fundamentalist-dominated world would look like.

Teabaggerdom is tearing itself apart in bitter and hilarious internal feuding. Read the comments too -- some of them are priceless.

Three videos tell the full story of Fox News's already-notorious insertion of film from another rally to exaggerate turnout at the recent teabagger event in Washington. Well, Fox needs to keep the teabaggers convinced that they're the majority.

This may be the most unfortunate company name ever.

Former Republican Marty Beckerman discusses his recovery.

Jane Goodall understands primitive, dangerous primates.

Rupert Murdoch has a brilliant plan to destroy his own media empire.

There's blatant abuse of police power going on in Chicago.

Health insurers are paying good money for votes against reform.

It's not "elitist" to point out that the teabagger movement is dumb.

NY-23 was just one case of fundamentalist meddling in politics.

Republican lies about health-care reform are debunked here.

David Frum argues that American conservatives can learn from British ones.

Part 3 of Jack Jodell's progressive manifesto, on foreign policy and national defense, is up.

So long as both political parties refuse (except under enormous public pressure) to do anything serious to protect the American people from illegal immigration and "free trade" scams, there will be a real risk of something like this.

Anti-incumbent sentiment is rising (isn't it always?). Surprisingly, data suggest that unemployment has little effect on mid-term elections -- but the Democrats better get health care fixed and give us a reason to vote for them.

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is a target in the purge of moderates. Here's why.

Dan Savage discusses what marriage really means today. The governor of Rhode Island has no clue.

A mother of twins explains why she left the hypocritical Catholic Church.

Against atheist-bashing, Black Sun Journal bashes back.

An ex-Muslim teenager is fighting in the courts to avoid being sent back to her Muslim family, and the legal system appears to not quite grasp the issue, with one Florida agency reporting that "she believes Islamic law dictates she must be put to death for her abandonment of the Islamic faith." Wrong. It is an objective fact that Islamic law dictates this, whether or not she personally has been threatened yet.

Unregulated capitalism has little support in most major countries. Majorities almost everywhere take the middle-way view that capitalism is not "fatally flawed" but needs "regulation and reform".

A survey showing that Oklahoma high-schoolers are woefully ignorant was faked (found via Oliver Willis).

An American living in London posts "10 things I've learned about the Brits".

The latest source of America-is-in-decline blather is a crackpot ex-KGB man.

The AMA supports legalizing medical marijuana.

PZ Myers answers ten stupid questions from creationists.

German researchers are using computers to produce metal "bone" implants whose internal structure matches real bones.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Afternoon Mr.Infidel!

I enjoyed the Russian Matrix Silent piece from Mr.Mendip, just loved the visual's!

Adolf Gasser Photography?!! Heh,heh,heh,heh,heh ...I better not even go there...not even in humor. :)

Thanx for the Goodall video clip...I havent seen it. I couldnt say enough about this woman.I admire her...for all her effort and work in the trenches of them probably muggy jungle's for year's...and giving us a "real" look at what I consider a "look back in time" ..to have an idea of what early human type's were probably like.But that's just my opinion...it's fascinating to me watching ape species period, and going to a zoo ... just dont cut reality in my opinion like the real thing does.I have went to zoo's...and even the zoo in your City of Portland as well ...but I am also a little opposed to zoo's to an extent,but wont go there here.

Phoney DUI's in Chicago? Why aint I suprised? Well, Chicago has a reputation on some thing's,I lived there for awhile...and dont get me wrong..because it is one of my favourite US cities,I love it! But when it come's to Chicago PD ...or politic's in that town ..not much would suprise me.But what big city dont have corrupt thing's going on to a degree? I better just leave it at that. :)

As far as Politic's Plus post on republican lies ...what is sad..is many of these teabag's and such actually believe what they are spouting off...that's the unseen power and how strong it is..especially financially.I alway's hear over and over of the evil's of reform,gvmnt takeover's etc,etc,.I wonder if they ever look at how these insurance corporation's are the one's who "decide" now...who get's the shaft or not? We never gave public option or government a chance yet...so they shouldnt be so quick to say that they know what it would be ... they are not even giving it the benefit of a doubt.Frankly Sir...I actually trust the government more than these insurance giant's... but that's just me.

Good post about "progressives" by Mr.Jodell.

(DemWit)Sen.L.Graham seem's to be one of the only republican's actually displaying bipartisanship...but that's just my opinion from having been following him.They all say they want it...but who has reached out beside's Obama...who has damn near bent over for them.I kind of like McCain as well.

Dan Savage on marriage ...I sure as Hell agree with that! I have posted a few pieces on this.Another thing(I posted in one post,cant recall the title off hand though)is looking at the "history" throughout the ages of what "marriage" was/is, is remarkable, everything from marrying kid's to group marriages, multiple husband's,wives...the list is incredible.This fundamoralist idea of marriage is, is just new pop culture crap and doesnt have any more to do with tradition of marriage, any more than I do with the Southern Baptist Coalition! I recommend they read the history.

AMA on pot legalization, I've kept up with that...this delay of legalization is just more costly crap, until they figure out every angle to make another buck off it,then it will become "good" and no longer "evil", an old familiar tune in our slow ass way's of getting thing's done!

Thanx Sir .......

14 November, 2009 15:32  

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