09 April 2009

The amnesty battle, again

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The issue of amnesty for illegal aliens has been raised again.

Don't be distracted by talk of "fines and other penalties". Any plan that allows illegal aliens to stay in the United States legally is an amnesty -- a stab in the back to American workers (especially in the harsh job market of a recession), and a slap in the face to all the would-be legal immigrants who are following the law and waiting their turn.

When Bush tried to ram this down the country's throat two years ago, we the American people rose up and stopped him cold -- and we can do it again.

Echoing Bush's pathetic rhetoric about bringing illegal aliens "out of the shadows", Obama condescendingly remarked, "I know this is an emotional issue; I know it’s a controversial issue.....I know that the people get real riled up politically about this."

Mr. President, just you wait and see.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This actually is one of the biggest of all problem's America faces..this issue as well swim's in the Sea of Hypocrisy, and the President know's that you cant keep all your promises, better than anyone.

The bottom line is...the buck is going to have to stop somewhere's. Now I know I am a hypocrite myself, I have done alot of business over the year's with illegal immigrant's(but I never burned them like the majority of American's do)...but that's personal. We HAVE to do something about illegal immigration as well as legal immigration in my opinion. Why? because technically and financially...we can no longer afford it. We also have a constant terror threat...now I know folk's will say...there hasnt been any recent attack's..but that is only because they are being entertained by all the internal problem's were having...and taking a break, rest assured...someone is going to nail our ass.

One of the biggest problem's that California had for instance as far as financial problem's is how much money they shell out to illegal's in social services. Right now...in Dallas...the county of Dallas has federal lawsuit's pending against a few joining suburban counties. Why? Because Dallas County Hospital has become the local community clinic for every illegal in the area, and hundred's of million's in the hole, we need payment's.Every contractor just about(assuming there may be a FEW that dont)dump's every injured worker at Dallas County Hospital. None of them carry even workman's comp.Even all the upper middle income folk's do the same, they are one of Dallas' largest commodities.2009 Dallas you can find illegal alien's for odd job's 24/7 now, it used to be they hung at the regular meat rack's for pick up 5am-5pm...but because of the tightened economy...it is 24/7 now. They are also the most used sector of society...and taken advantage of by damn near everyone. They are milked...more then the American taxpayer's...imagine that. LA is no different, except they can get more government goodies than Texas.

And many of these conservatives fighting against it are hypocrites and they know why they dont want this addressed so swift and harsh. Because they are all profiting off illegal's...and the taxpayer's are getting footed the bill.Since everyone loves the truth...I'll tell the truth.. if they tell you different they are lying. I cant get into alot of detail that I would want to...because I would be incriminating myself, but rest assured...I know the ballgame, and I made a good dollar myself year's back...I know the business...very well.And many of them...are also mules for the cocaine...forget the pot...it's too bulky.Coke,Meth(now),and opiate's/heroin are all pre-requisite to pay off what you owe to the human smuggling network's and cyote's, they are charged an arm and a leg by these folk's to be brought here, in many cases...an entire year's salary. You want a discount...bring in a backpack with you with 40/50 pound's of dope.. I dont have to tell anyone what that amount's to in street value after cut's and distribution, you figure it out after $400 an ounce uncut that will be hit at least 5 times before it's on the retail market. American's are to blame for alot of this...especially those who are small business owner's...and them very middle class that pick them up daily off the rack to clean the yard,garage,or even the house, or to lay brick's,landscaping,etc.

We CANNOT afford any immigrant's period...and legalizing million's is not only a crime(similar)...but another bill that will be footed to taxpayer's in some way or another. As I wrote in my earliest posting's, we need now to put a neon sign around Liberty's neck in NY Harbour that say's..."Sorry...no Vacancy" We no longer are in a position to take all the tired,sick,and poor huddled masses...that era is gone, now it is survive or perish.

Thank You Sir.

09 April, 2009 09:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

And many of these conservatives fighting against it are hypocrites and they know why they dont want this addressed so swift and harsh.

It always made sense to me that Republicans like Bush and McCain were in the vanguard of pushing for amnesty back in 2007. They represent the social class that hires nannies and gardeners, not the class that has to compete for jobs on construction sites. Amnesty for illegals is in the interest of the privileged; it's a natural cause for conservatives to champion.

What's bizarre is how the Democrats and, to an extent, the broader left have abandoned their role as the defenders of the American worker. They're the ones who should be fighting tooth and nail against amnesty, but they're completely dropping the ball.

09 April, 2009 10:09  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

They are(dem's)dropping the ball...and it is true that the priviledged benefit only from this. There is alot of money in this business...even if you just run the "meat" without the dope up here. Coyote pay these day's alone is excellent...and I havent heard of any lay-off's recently.And I am not innocent by any stretch of the definition...in my younger year's I spent many weekend's down on the border...done alot of cocaine freebasing(for legal reason's...on the Mexico side let me add)and I was young and hungry, money was decent...and you also were able to have 2 or 3 gal's a night if you wanted...they didnt speak a damn bit of english...but were hell in bed... this is all about the lure of money is all. Now we are seeing the flip side of our mistakes....and President Obama...if not enlightened already better become enlightened, because the outcome of these decision's will be felt enormously to come. I dont think there is any one of the two parties doing much of anything in the interest of the American peoples to be honest...I voted democrat...simply as a choice of the lesser of 2 evil's.

Thank You Guy.....

09 April, 2009 10:54  

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