14 January 2009

Together at last

Unity in diversity? Three different ideologies march together in a common cause -- perhaps because they aren't really so different after all.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hmmmm...What is one supposed to think of that? This is another reason I say that humanity is very far from being actually "liberated" or whatever most snowball themselves into believing they are. Well...they all certainly look like a "loving" bunch...heh? It may make one also wonder...what is wrong with segregation? Oh...forgive me Mr.Infidel...were too civilized,intelligent,worldly and liberated for such a thing...heh? Personally speaking in cases like we have currently...I feel like segregation is the answer..also a focus on strong national security and defense...also much stronger immigration control and policy. If this continue's to escalate and we fail to deal with this in a rational/practical way continueing to snowball ourselves that we can make these fruitloop's think like us...we can only suffer grave consequences for our action's and solution finding. What does it take for people to actually look at the entire picture? Sometimes I believe we are actually the ones on a suicide mission. Thank you sir...
PS: Another thing...what you are posting is just a few instances of what is happening and how it all connect's...there are hundred's of other realted thing's going on as well...and this is across the globe.Also...I personally feel that all organized religioun's of the globe should be more tightly monitored,regulated,and restricted as well.Freedom of religion should have it's limit's,or there will never be any freedom of anything.

15 January, 2009 01:34  

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