24 January 2009

Random observations and thoughts

"Information superhighway" is an anagram of "I'm on a huge wispy rhino fart".

The English language has a rather unusual distinction: it's the only language which has ever been spoken on the Moon.

The greatest of all delusions is the belief that humans have souls. It is from this error that all other errors follow.

Everybody looks stupid when they're chewing.

If Star Trek fanatics are called "Trekkies", then I guess Harry Potter fanatics should be called "Potties".

Every belief which we define as "religion" when a million people hold it, would be described as "insanity" if only one person held it.

People who call illegal aliens "undocumented immigrants" should logically also call burglars "undocumented guests".

If a Catholic priest's first name is "Moe", one should suspect his middle name to be "Lester".


Blogger Alessandro Machi said...

hmmm, I'm pondering the human soul comment.

24 January, 2009 20:42  
Anonymous Gary said...

I'm pondering the rhino fart one...

25 January, 2009 03:39  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

The"soul"? Well...that's questionable..I mean I attended a James Brown concert twice...he had alot of soul(I loved James Brown as a youngster)

Funny but true about if only one was religious or similar...and being thought of as insane...so true,so true,if you listen to half the garbage they believe in.What is also funny to me is...if a person get's messages from the devil...as they would from god, it's alway's "evil" and insane.Now that's discriminating Ole Scratch!
After all...he got his name "Ole Scratch" cause he was a "good ole boy"! :)

I loved that..about the "undocumented guest". Now if it's an "undocumented guest" as well as an "undocumented alien" does that give me the right away to blow his nut's off? Sound's good enough for an ole redneck SOB like me! :)

"Moe"? I like that! my man Chester!
remembering Chester the Molester of Hustler! :)

25 January, 2009 20:44  

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