21 January 2009

Moving forward

While embryonic stem-cell technology in the United States has stagnated for years under the idiocy of Bush's restrictions, work in other advanced countries has been continuing. Right now, British researchers are about to begin human testing of stem-cell therapy to repair the brains of stroke victims.

May their efforts meet with success, and may the US soon begin contributing to this field again, now that Bush is gone.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well...that sluggish period in the US is history...this new administration has this at the top of their agenda. You see...Mr.Bush has his morality a little mixed up,
he just has more on his mind then he could handle I guess...which deluded him on the reality of this research.Which even any Southern die-hard Baptist should be able to see clearly what is being done here.Which is...the foetuses that they think are aborted...are actually revived in new life...to be used to enhance and help improve their god's creation and love of life...by being used to help existing life...so the believer should see it for being what it truely is...pro-life!

21 January, 2009 06:42  

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