19 January 2009

Link roundup for 19 January 2009

We're long past the medieval fear of witches and demons, right? No, it's still with us, in new forms.

Here's some interesting stuff about futurism, complete with flying cars.

The jihadists are really going too far now -- they want to behead Madonna.

An Arab speaks out on the real nature of Hamas rule in Gaza.

The great Catholic-priest horror story continues, in Alaska: There was a calculated effort at the highest levels of the Jesuit order to "'dump' these 'problem priests' in a location in which the priests could avoid detection and continued to sexually abuse countless Native children," the suit says....."They were specifically targe-ting the Athabascan and the Yup'ik cultures, because they wouldn't talk."

The economic crisis is hitting export-dependent countries the hardest.

Silver lining: this should mean less money for al-Qâ'idah and Hamas.

Here's more on the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. And read this essay from Britain -- the comments are chilling.

Even though the prophet Muhammad married a six-year-old girl, this Saudi cleric thinks men should settle for old maids of eight or even ten. (Found via Vamp's Worldview.) And it's a good thing I'm not writing this posting in Victoria, Australia.

The US military pegs two major countries as being at real risk of imminent collapse into chaos. One of them is Pakistan. The other possibility is even scarier.

Is Bush the worst President ever? Dissenting Justice has another candidate for that title.

See a map of the Moon, drawn before Galileo's observations.

The universe may be a hologram.

They move around, they eat, they reproduce, they even evolve. Only by the merest technicality can they be denied the word "alive". And they're manmade -- created in a lab. (Found via Vamp's Worldview.)

Here's a short overview of what nanotechnology could do for human health.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Mr.Infidel!
I really loved the piece from "Black Sun Journal"..I thought it was worded just right to give some explanation's of how the mind worx in religion's.I was especially familiar year's back with African Ju-Ju...and Afro-Carib
type belief's/practices such as "Palo-Mayombe"...when I spent some time around Mexican's on the Tex-Mex border..this is a very common practice,in Texas and Mexico
so I had the opportunity to attend ritual's of these practices as well.The way these thing's can play on the vulnerable mind is incredible to say the least. Mind altering drug's are used as well in the ritual's to enhance the visionary part of the ritual's,in this case you call on the dark god's to fulfill your material world wishes/desires...lot's of blood,lot's of sex as well. I've seen a few get really twisted from it all...and a few kill themselves too.It is commonly popular with folk's also in the drug trade down here.I personally never believed in thing's like good/evil...even right/wrong...I dont try to explain it no more,because it's pointless..so I dont discuss or debate.But some folk's...you will never get through to them on any of it...most...from my experiences.

I was a little disappointed about targeting Madonna...she has been someone I have adored for year's!
But she has alway's been called something or another from the self appointed righteous crowd, but I never imagined that some of these extremeist's would want to behead her.

I sent you the article about the Arab kiddie marriages...perhap's Vamp did as well. But when I sent it to you...I was laughing,because the first thing that came to mind was 1000's of American pedophiles may convert to Islam..and would be dropping to their knee's if they read this! :)

Thank You.

19 January, 2009 10:00  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I wanted to comment on,but forgot amongst the other item's...was the piece about Bush not being the worst President ever. Even though I voted straight democrat in this election...I voted for Bush in 2000...and mostly republican before him for year's,especially in local Texas election's...I alway's voted republican(you can say Bush converted me)...but I think Bush done a good job on getting defensive post 9/11..and keeping the heat on some of these folk's,cause many folk's do NOT realize what we are up against here...as far as these terror group's...most of us American's live very protected and easy lives, so it is difficult for many of us to grasp the reality of the condition we face.I feel the creation of the "Homeland Security" network...was about the best$30+ billion we spent in the last 8 year's and will give the most bang for the buck! Thanx.

19 January, 2009 10:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I was laughing,because the first thing that came to mind was 1000's of American pedophiles may convert to Islam..and would be dropping to their knee's if they read this! :)

In a way, it's too bad Islam is so down on the gay thing. NAMBLA would convert en masse.

19 January, 2009 10:33  
Anonymous Rita said...

Thanks for the link.

I always look forward your Link Roundup articles, I esp. enjoyed the link to the article on nanotechnology.

19 January, 2009 11:01  

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