17 January 2009

Old poison in new bottles

Take a good look at this report (found via Counting Cats) on the wave of pro-Hamas demonstrations and riots which have swept the Western world in the wake of Israel's counterattack against Gaza. Its numerous photos and videos document beyond dispute the real nature of what we are up against.

In Calgary, Neo-Nazi "Aryan Guards" march in the vanguard of a Muslim demonstration. In Germany (!) police break into a private apartment and remove an Israeli flag to appease a Muslim mob. In Los Angeles, chants of "Put Jews in ovens!" and "Long live Hitler!" In Copenhagen, "We want to kill all the Jews, all the Jews should be slain, they have no right to exist!" and "Heil Hitler!" In London, mob violence sends police fleeing in fear and confusion. There is a lot more -- only from the report itself can you grasp the flavor and character of these events, as no mere list of examples can convey.

This is the reality of the civilizational struggle which some of us still pretend is not happening.

This is what we have allowed to inflitrate the Western world -- a new outbreak of the ghastly infection we thought we had wiped out, at terrible cost, sixty-four years ago.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

This is a really good posting as an example of what we are up against...and a display of political corruption that most may not see.Now any one can read an article and argue that it is just a point of view or an opinion..one thing no one can dispute is the reality shown in the video footage posted here. And these leader's of this snowjob make their point very clear.This is not freedom of speech...this is nothing more to me then basic tyranny. I am not trying to say that Israel never done an underhanded thing...or the American government..I am saying that these pro-terror group's make the action's of the west look like child's play. I had posted in some of my early posting's how some of these group's will be able to also gain support and recruit's in the future by preying on folk's living in despair,poverty,lack of opportunity,etc. Then they just get lucky picking various "causes" to see what work's to incite the violence in the people...in this case...they got lucky with this Gaza conflict...so they can spin that to sell. Now...this is only my opinion..it is of no one else, and I will go on to say...that hell no,I dont think one bit of this is spontaneous...not a sliver of this crap...this is all calculated by a "movement" of various radical's all over,even radical's that otherwise wouldnt have a thing to do with each other...just for this purpose. I see alot of people who are simply oppressed or feel oppressed for any reason,whether for economic's or whatever..and a group of vultures just playing the people as pawn's to their advantage. Groups that are nothing more then terrorist thug's...trying to establish themselves into government's to be considered in world affair's of the future...this is all a scam by these thug's running this show! Nor do I buy it that Hamas,Hezebollah,al-Qaeda,Taliban..or any of them , give a rat's ass about Palestinian's or anyone else, including even the majority of the muslim peoples...sooner or later, muslim's will see that they are simply being played as sucker's by these groups! Thank you.

17 January, 2009 09:38  
Anonymous Nick M said...

Agreed on the stem-cells. But us Brits have been forging ahead. We might have a much looser regulatory structure and we might have cracking scientific institutions and scientists but... alas parsimonious funding and quite frankly a political establishment which isn't so much anti-science as just doesn't get it.

20 January, 2009 14:17  

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