23 January 2009

Credit where credit is due

Obama has swept away the vile "global gag rule" on abortion. How long I've hoped to see this day!


Blogger Rita said...

He must really be pissing some of those religious fundamentalists off.

I love it!

24 January, 2009 07:45  
Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

I don't like that at all. Money should not be going overseas to aid foriegn countries, even if it is for eugenic or population control purposes. We should just be letting nature take it's course with those damned poor rabbits, they already have a really high infant mortality rate as it is, IMO there is no real sense in any further redundancies.

27 January, 2009 12:31  
Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

Rita, Obama is costing taxpayer's their money with this irresponsible and redundant wasteful activity. I thought you were for ecconomic sustainability, and yet you think this kind of wasteful spending is funny!?

27 January, 2009 12:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, you're entitled to your opinion. (Incidentally, infant mortality in most Third World countries is decreasing, though birth rates are decreasing even more.)

I can't speak for Rita, but most people who believe in "sustainability" in the sense she means, believe that limiting human population growth contributes to that goal.

27 January, 2009 13:28  
Anonymous Rita said...

According to the article: Supporters of the ban say that the United States still provides millions of dollars in family planning assistance around the world and that the rule prevents anti-abortion taxpayers from backing something they believe is morally wrong. So the ban was not about saving money. It was about imposing moral views by withholding money.

& yes I am gleeful to get a poke at the fundies & I like to think that perhaps some poor woman will be getting a choice she might not of been able to have otherwise.

29 January, 2009 08:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

For everything the government spends money on, there is probably some taxpayer somewhere who objects to it.

If the government can't spend money on anything that anyone objects to, it can't do anything at all.

29 January, 2009 08:44  

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