30 October 2009

Taking a better stand

It now looks like the administration is mounting a tougher defense of free expression against the Islamic thugocracies' efforts to limit it by reviving the medieval concept of "blasphemy". Better than its earlier stance. Our leaders need to be watched like hawks on this -- if the United States won't stick up for free expression, who will?


Blogger 50 said...

It's good to see Secretary of State Clinton publicly separating criticism of a religion from the general concept of Free Speech. Islam is a package deal that restricts freedom (e.g. Free Speech) in this life while holding out the promise of goodies to come in the "next life", a very dangerous combination!
The UN? It's not even a debating club anymore, it's just a forum for theocratic dictatorships, a showcase for the worst that Humanity has to offer.
I would be very happy to see my nation pull out of the UN!

30 October, 2009 08:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well ...State Secretary Clinton has been really amazing me I must say...I have been also watching her closely in her foreign relation's over the last few month's ... she has been doing very well... considering the mess she has been handed.I even feel that she is a little fed up with condition's watching various interview's with her ...and that's healthy!

I also agree with Mr.Zardoz as well...and strongly wonder to myself time and again...what the Hell good is the UN to begin with? To make us think we are all a family of worldly love and ass kissing service's? One of these day's I will look up how much money America pay's for this UN to gather here in NYC to slurp up each other and eat grand sitting on their flabby asses in over priced seat's. I would have all them MF's doing what other New Yorker's do .. and have them on folding chair's in goddamn Central Park...eating Coney Island's and Kentucky Fried F'n Chicken!... part of the economic f'n stimulus!

You hit the nail on the head when you said..."reviving the medieval concept of blasphemy" ... this is exactly what horsecrap like that would lead to eventually, along with all the other appetizer's of looting,rioting,and even raping women because they are not wrapped up like a mummy... beating American queer's to death .. and fighting over what a teddy bear is named to telling our children what they can or cannot say in school...and the slippery list goes on. Look...this is America, we can believe whatever we choose...and folk's are not out on our street's burning an effigy of Muhammad, or burning down mosque's, and if someone were to burn down one of their temple's in our country they would be charged with arson as well as endangerment of lives,hate crimes, and possibly a few other charges.... we have already fair laws in place ... making changes to alter our freedom of speech would not be of any advantage to any American muslim... and certainly wouldnt do anyone abroad any good...this is America...if you cant handle it...such as the muslim cabbies of Minneapolis who protested trying to not take fare's of American's who had alcohol to drink...get your ass out of our bloody counrty and find some other f'n place to work!, there are plenty of folk's in Minneapolis/St.Paul who would love to have your job! We dont f'n need ya'll...nor ya'll's f'n proposal's!

Thank You Sir ... and Happy Halloween!

30 October, 2009 10:19  
Anonymous Hugo Grinebiter said...

The Songs of Praise link was great. I have a feeling that I used to know the real words of that hymn, but now I'll never be able to remember them!

For you Leftpondians: Songs of Praise is broadcast every Sunday, each time from a different church, preferably the beautiful Gothic ones (it's not called Gothic in England but never mind). Anyone who can't, or can't be bothered to, get to church watches it and considers their religious duty thereby done, in much the same way as spinning a prayer-wheel.

Of course, the visit of the SoP team is known and planned, we're not talking YouTube here, but serious BBC techies, so everyone comes along to get on the TV. The packed church you see is thus not representative of English religious statistics.

24 February, 2010 01:17  

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