11 February 2018

Link round-up for 11 February 2018

These guys came to visit for Superbowl Sunday.

There's no such thing as unskilled labor.

We bobbin'.

All aboard!

Does your grocery store have these for sale?

Catch some cats and kittens.  And meet the dogs of UPS.

Grammar walked into a bar.....

Take advice from nature, or maybe not.

Wise men still seek him.

The cat is not amused.

Freeze!  It's the libertarian police!  And I wonder why the cops pulled this guy over.

There is poison.....

Relish the bitcoin collapse.

What is the Sun?

If you buy a Danish dishwasher, it may insult you.

This is happiness taking a walk in your brain.

Send a letter the easy way.

The Girls Scouts learn to profit from a changing culture.

Why learn calculus?

Cats can't be vegetarian, and it's not a good idea for dogs either.

I can understand being desperate to get a job, but.....

Do your best, the right way.

Don't fall for this widespread scam.

Sherlock Holmes was smart -- his creator, not so much.

I wonder how this tournament is judged.

See sculptures of impossible things.

Paris Hilton did not invent the selfie.

See the ten worst McMansions in Pennsylvania.  (I bet none of them have house art this classy.)

Trump undergoes pwnage in verse.

Funny how many politicians today aren't even as smart as the ones 2,000 years ago.

Tell Me a Story blog looks at the ethics of toilet paper.

Respect Györstöc Ferentzbür, you philistines.

Clothing is a challenge to sculptors.

The Satanic Temple wins a round in Missouri.

Read about the latest internet invasion of privacy and how to turn it off.

There goes the neighborhood.

Evangelicals realize they need to fake being genuine.

Scientists don't get much respect around here (found via Yellowdog Granny).

19th-century prudes made a huge fuss about wet dreams, while this person had a buttload of cement (both found via Miss Cellania).

Here's a Fahrenheit-Centigrade conversion chart for Americans.

Religious conservatives are bad for birth control, and always have been. So to Hell with them.

When Trump dies, will Americans outdo the British?

Another religious hypocrite gets "forgiven" (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Free speech must be defended against the "hierarchy of oppression".

Ida B. Wells was one of America's toughest investigative journalists.  We could use more like her today.

You don't need vaccines when you've got Jesus!

Whole Foods workers discover the horrors of Amazon.

Some film directors are monsters.

Congress is threatening to wipe out state-level protections for animals.

Two short posts sum up US conservatives.  They have lost their traditional respect for institutions -- and a lot of them never had much.

If Miguel Perez isn't worthy to be an American, who is?

These people exist.  And these people exist.  But there's one thing that even that BBS won't tolerate.

The crash of 1929 was a more complex event than most people think.

It's a mystery why most Jewish voters prefer the Democrats.

This is the reality of facing late-term abortion.

New technology is finding traces of the Roman Empire all over Britain (found via TYWKIWDBI).

See a broad valley older than life itself.

The Economist rates the degree of democracy around the world.

The Berlin wall has now been gone for as long as it stood.

See last week's red supermoon rising behind the Parthenon.

Act to help Taner Kılıç, unjustly imprisoned by Turkey's Islamist regime.

Using bees as fencing brings side benefits.

Some government services in China are highly efficient.

This church beats up gays and charges them money for it.

The generic House poll may not be as reassuring as we think.  But for now, a special election in Pennsylvania has Republicans running scared.

Defeatists believe a Republican-majority Congress will never impeach Trump, but Trump himself seems to disagree.

Democratic politicians are catching up with public opinion on marijuana.

In case you didn't already know this, Jeff Sessions is an asshole.

Trump's parade plan is the last straw -- time to pull the plug on him and his enablers.  Veterans hate the idea.  It would turn our military into mere stage props for his personal self-aggrandizement, at absurd expense (don't miss the video at the end).  Here's a better parade idea, and some cartoons.

Trumpanzees attempt infiltration, but are easily spotted.

Ohio will hold a referendum on ending gerrymandering.

Wingnut alternate reality isn't a reality at all, just whatever delusion is convenient at the moment.  We hold our own leaders accountable, they don't.

Remember the teabaggers?

Rex Tillerson, Putin's poodle.

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump bullshitted the bullshittiest bullshit in the history of bullshitting.  He's too incompetent to be a fascist -- we hope -- but if you voted for him.....

[Image at top found via Progressive Eruptions and Jon Andreasen]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Another great round-up.

Just so you know, I cook with demons all the time. Demons give food that extra zing.

Your link to The Rude Pundit reminded me that I should read him more often. Doing so is a catharsis for this miserable Era of Trump. Thank you.

11 February, 2018 09:24  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lots of good stuff here. I already seen the Curiosity Martianscape vid, but it was worth watching again. What fascinates me most, because I'm an animal of Earth, is the earth like look, without ANY water or vegetation, even when in the desert areas of U.S., you find shrubs, cactus and tumbleweed if anything. I'd be curious to see what we find once we get deeper beneath the surface of this planet.

I had a laugh when I read about the Houston dude that sent his resume to ISIS {:-)

American Dream Scam ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

I thought the sculptures were GREAT! (Jonsnowboard)Beautiful looking stuff there ... I believe that the horses running through the water is in Las Colinas (Dallas suburb)

Unskilled labour vid was cool.

I actually won some money on the SuperBowl, I had a few bets and took Philly, because all the lines were Patriots favour (I'm known to bet on underdogs). I should have bet more, but was looking at how much I would lose if Patriots did win, so I didnt want to get greedy. I followed Philly all year, because they are NFC East Division (Dallas, Washington, New York & Philly), and they been hungry, kicking ass, and never won a bowl before. I was up at the WinStar Casino (bout an hour north of my home) a month back, and won some money, told my buddy, "I'm calling it quits", right there ... he said ... "Ah man, you're hot, try another" etc ... I said ... "You got to know when to walk, dude". Excessive greed, will f*ck you every time ... discipline my man.

About Whole Foods employees and the Amazon takeover. You know, I been hearing alot of shit about Amazon, and WTF is up with Bezos? I mean, like the dude is already worth $108 or so billion? I meam, I admire the dude on his entrepreneurial spirit and what he accomplished, etc But, this to me, is like the shit that I write so much about as far as corporate communism and such ... and frankly, from what I gather of just Amazon employees alone, this company is a slave- driver, some of the stories are like early 1900's old school jobs. I used to go to Whole Foods quite a bit ... but over the last few years, I been buying all my groceries at Trader Joe's, which I guess are in many states too ... I only used them in Dallas and LA though. They have some pretty good Trader Joe's products, and less junk, sodium and other crap in them, their store brand products are not only good ... but competitive in porice with any major supermarkets, including Walmart ... and they are smell stores, friendly better paid employees, and they dont ask you to check and sack your own shit, cloaking it in some twisted shit like "for your convenience".

Amazon wants to also start their own medical healthcare system, as well as wants to now compete with UPS and FedEx, to take others over too. They said Dallas and Austin is on their H2 list for a 2nd headquarters, and a list of other town's, with cities kissing their asses like an ass fetishist to get the bid, because of the 50K jobs or so. We dont need it here in Dallas ... as far as I'm concerned, we have plenty of business! We think we have monopolies now ... at the rate were going, just wait another 10 years, and see what this country and so called free market looks like. We need to bust up some of this shit now!

11 February, 2018 10:03  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Congress and their lack of protections for animals ... I knew about this, and signed several petitions on this too. This Congress is about one thing only ... making a buck for themselves and donors, and taking away more of our liberties ... that's it. Even in the f'n legislation they draft, they have more added on shit than you can shake a stick at. They had oil drilling on national land in the goddamn tax reform bill, and other shit that hasnt a damn thing to do with tax ... on top of it, there WAS NO reform on taxes. Nor was this f'm tax postcard of 14 lines simplifying taxes they Ryan and Trump showcased before the vote, even in the bloody bill! Many of these folks in Washington, deserve nothing less, than to be dragged into the streets by mobs and have the living shit beaten out of them, till death ... they dont even deserve prison. I know some may read this, and think that is uncivilized for me to say that ... BUT look closely ... it IS THOSE up there, that causes so much of our problems, including the deaths and imprisonment of innocent people ... so that's just my opinion.

Fundamoralists spent $148K to take a gay bar and make it into a church ... they are also economically f*cked in the head as well.

I didnt know folks though Paris Hilton invented the selfie ... I remember years back people using their cameras in front of a mirror myself. But I'll admit ... Paris and Britney look great together in that photo!

I had to laugh, when I seen that vehicle getting pulled over, that said "Cops Suck Dick". They had some gal here in the Dallas area several months back, that had "Fuck Trump and Supporters" (similar) on the back of her pick up, driving around town ... folks bitched about it, and police told her to tone it down.

Weather predictions from a groundhog, and ignoring climate scientists ... yep ... that's what I call "American Exceptionalism"!

Green Eagle piece on the Crash of 1929 was good ... I have been having alot of concerns, regarding this sudden stock market explosion myself, it dont look good to me, which I wrote about ... but I'm not an economist, either. Even this tax reform shit was a big mistake in my view ... but, I'll leave it there and STFU, and wait and see what happens.

Lost Roman Roads, laser scan of England ... good piece!

"Trump bullshitted the bullshittiest bullshit in the history of bullshit" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, well put. I dont trust any deal that he puts forth ... people will see, in time ... just how much of a hustler this guy is.

Corn Hole Tournament ... I thought it was a gay bar happy hour special ... (no insult meant towards gay folks) ... Over and Out ....

11 February, 2018 10:31  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

My favorite comment of the day:

"Alfred Hitchcock also told Joan Fontaine that everyone on the set of Rebecca hated her in order to make her feel paranoid and uneasy.

All of this is so counter to what I was taught about directing"

Because the unknown person who made this comment knows more about directing than possibly the most successful director in the history of movies. And by the way, not that it's that relevant, I guess Hitchcock got such a bad performance out Joan Fontaine with this technique; she was nominated for an academy award for this movie, which won two Oscars and was nominated for nine more. A really incompetent director there, yes sir. Maybe, guy, what you were "taught about directing" was a load of crap.

11 February, 2018 12:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Nothing like that extra brimstone edge to make a perfect meal.....

Ranch: If ISIL were smart they'd have hired that guy. A good English teacher would be useful to them. I can just imagine their actual job ads, though. "Suicide bombers wanted -- experience required". And yes, it's smart to stop gambling when you're ahead, but the real "excessive greed" here is of course Bezos. The first guy in history to have his net worth crack the $100 billion mark, and he treats his workers like shit, trying to screw even more out of them. If I were working somewhere and Amazon took over, I'd quit.

I do my main food shopping at Trader Joe's. They have a lot of good stuff for non-meat-eaters, and the prices are quite good compared with comparable items elsewhere.

Growing market dominance by a few companies is a real problem and one of the things that gives me the impulse to support someone like Elizabeth Warren for President. I don't know how serious the Dems will get about antitrust, but with Republicans, it's hopeless.

I'm not up for dragging anyone from their offices, but at least I vote. If everybody voted we wouldn't have those turkeys in Congress screwing us over.

All over the world empty churches are being converted into dance clubs, museums, and probably gay bars too. Those fundies are fighting against the inexorable tide of irrelevance. I suspect they just want a base in the middle of a gay neighborhood so they can hassle people.

I never even put bumper stickers on my car. I figure every day a given car is seen by dozens of people, some of them assholes. Why risk the hassle of provoking somebody?

Traditional cornholers just can't compete with the political, economic, and social buggering Trump and his gang have been inflicting on the country!

Green: That may be so, and there's no doubt that Hitchcock was a genius. Nevertheless, it was an abusive tactic. Even geniuses aren't exempt from the obligation to treat other people decently.

11 February, 2018 15:47  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Sorry to disagree, but Joan Fontaine won one oscar and two nominations during her career. The oscar and the nomination for Rebecca were for films directed by Hitchcock. At the time that she was in Rebecca, her career had stalled, and she had had her studio contract dropped. That performance made her career. Hitch got the two greatest performances of her life out of her, and is primarily responsible for her being remembered as one of the great actresses of her era. He knew how to turn her into a star, and if the price was a few weeks of a difficult work situation, I hardly think that, looking back on things, she would have regretted it; particularly in light of the fact that the very next year she worked with Hitch again, in Suspicion, the film for which she got her oscar.

11 February, 2018 20:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I was actually hoping, Warren would run for President, I love Warren as a choice! ... she knows her shit well, on issues of concern. I dont know how Wall Street would accept her ... if you recall (I done a posting on it back 2016), some Wall Street folks, threatened Hillary Clinton, that if she chose Warren as a running mate "she would be finished", they basically held Clinton hostage in other words ... saying basically, they'll not fund her campaign, etc. You can bet, that many corporate, banking folks, do not like Warren much. I would hope though, that the Democrats come 2020, get a good contender, and a platform that addresses much domestic needs, that people REALLY want. I actually look at Warren as a "winner" type ... I think she could beat the socks off Trump, and knows much more than him on what makes not just a boom economy, but one that is sustainable and reasonable.

12 February, 2018 10:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: That sounds like the kind of rationalizations which are always used to excuse abusive behavior, especially "it couldn't have been abusive because she stayed with him". There could be any number of reasons why she couldn't avoid a powerful man in her industry, especially in those days. Especially now, we're trying to move past that kind of stuff.

Ranch: I made a big (for me) donation to Warren's campaign in 2012. She's one of the few Presidential possibilities who'd make a real effort to clean up the financial abuses (actually class warfare) of the parasite oligarchy. God knows whether she'd succeed. It would be open warfare between the government and the oligarchs.

13 February, 2018 04:07  

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