08 February 2018

Video of the day -- don't blame the atheists

Atheist activist AronRa speaks in Austin, Texas.  This is the kind of hard-hitting, confrontational stance toward religion that we need more of -- and he doesn't shy away, as so many do, from addressing the international aspect of the problem.  As the importance of technology in every area of life increases, a nation dominated by absurd superstitions and an irrational view of the world cannot maintain its leadership position, not when western Europe and the advanced East Asian nations have mostly left such encumbrances behind.  The influence of the Christian Right is hobbling the United States, slowing our progress and even dragging us backward, while others advance.

Oh, and if you think the humiliating picture he paints is attributable to Trump, this speech was delivered in 2012.  Since Trump took office and the anti-science party assumed full control of the government, the situation has gotten even worse.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Alot of good points that this man brings up. Even if someone believes in a God, they should be able to see just how corrupt and anti- human the fundamoralists and establishment religions are. But unfortunately, those 2 are masters of deception, very good at brainwashing.

11 February, 2018 09:20  
Blogger Daniel Wilcox said...

Intriguing! This is the 3rd video by AronRa that I've listened to, and, again, I agree strongly with most of what he said, especially his critique of religious intolerance and opposition to science.

As a human rights activist, I, of course, was very glad to hear him emphasize freedom of speech, etc.

(On the humorous side: He even has the sort of hat I've worn for many years:-) Except that his hat covers long straight hair, while I have curly moppy hair; used to look like a white Jimi Hendrix.)

So why are we "polar opposites," allegedly, when it comes to philosophy and lifestance?

Intriguing question. I'm going to listen to some more of his videos.

13 February, 2018 08:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: A lot of the younger fundamentalists are restive these days -- their leaders' support for Trump is just too flagrantly "corrupt and anti-human" for them to stomach. I'm hoping more people can be swayed by the point about fundamentalist influence undermining our country's position and power in the world -- that's why I posted this video.

Daniel: I posted about AronRa here, with more info. And here's his video channel.

13 February, 2018 08:37  

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