04 June 2017

Link round-up for 4 June 2017

Have you seen this guy?

Be nice to the roombas of the ocean.

A thrilling time-travel series has gripped fans' attention.

"His name's Wallace."

Sweden's Minister of Education has big plans.

An ant infestation gets out of hand.

"Covfefe" may be Trumpanzee code -- or here's an even scarier interpretation.  Or maybe Trump's a chemistry whiz.

They exist among us.

You know what I meant!

This ad would not sell in the US.

Life in primitive times was difficult and grueling.

Don't scare the box monster.

These chips must be the ultimate Republican snack.

There are 29 million tons of spiders on earth -- could they eat us all?

Amsterdam celebrates an unusual gay adoption.

The Onion has a big collection of Trump documents (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

See 22 pieces of unsexy sex art (NSFW though).

Can you spot the logical error?

Detective Oshiri Tantei always gets to the bottom of the case.

Atheist blogs Tell Me a Story and Margin of Error have interesting posts about death.

Bertrand Russell was a perceptive man.

They are the problem.

Medieval artists had a weird thing about rabbits.

Republic of Gilead, one of the net's best political blogs, has been dormant for two months, but blogger Ahab is still active on Twitter.

Religionists feel the presence of God.

Gays in America have come a long way.

Massachusetts joins the "climate alliance" of states committed to the Paris agreement.

This is not a "religion of peace".  And people don't come much worse than this piece of shit.  Remember these men who stood up to evil.

House Republicans have come up with a law even worse than Sessions's drug crackdown.

Dave Daubenmire wants Christianity to become more violent, while this pastor correctly argues that the Bible endorses slavery (both found via Mendip).

The spirit of fascism rears its head in Vermont.  This thuggery in Portland is almost as disturbing.

What does John 3:16 really mean?

I predict this wingnut campaign against Rachel Maddow will have no effect.

Detroit activists hold a patriotic event for Memorial Day.

An 11-year-old girl was forced to marry her rapist.  Somalia?  Afghanistan?  No, Florida.

Kathy Griffin's "Trump head" picture was disgusting, but the right is in no position to claim the high ground.  Now they're freaking out over a cartoon.

Remember this horrific episode in American history.

Russian "diplomats" keep cropping up in odd locations around the US.

Breitbart's readership implodes as it ignores the Trump scandals.  Fox's Hannity has a Twitter meltdown as his own advertisers flee.

Religion is fundamentally misogynistic.

Recent stories about printed fake rhino horn to fool poachers aren't actually such good news.  Poaching is driving accelerated evolution among elephants.

If global warming were a hoax.....

California scientists develop a super-antibiotic to defeat resistant bacteria.

Libertarian fantasy islands raise a few problems.

Hysterical Raisins has a movie poster for Trump's European trip.  Our allies are giving bad reviews.

No longer able to rely on the US, Japan considers its response to rising Chinese power.

There are good reasons why you don't see many protests in Saudi Arabia.  And how does that country compare with Iran on terrorism?

Trump's budget is no good for his voters.

Booman sees a sign that the Senate Trump-Russia investigation is the real deal.  Green Eagle looks at what we now know.  His Twitter account will be a gold mine for investigators.  We must ensure that the true extent of his misdeeds is not hidden, as Nixon's was at the time.

Trump's dingbat administration posts personal info on abuse victims.

Hecate Demeter argues that a shame-and-blame strategy, not logical argument, is the best way to influence Trumpanzees.

Republicans will be blamed for any future ACA problems.  Darrell Issa is the latest Republican Congressman to hide from his constituents.  Trump himself chickens out on Twitter.

We have an unexpected ally for 2018 -- Rush Limbaugh.

No, Trump is not a master media manipulator.  He can hardly even get people to come work for him.  And he's afraid of real Congressional oversight.

For those who like these link round-ups, TYWKIWDBI and Tell Me Why the World Is Weird have similar recurring features (called "divertimento" and "blogaround" respectively).

[136 days down, 1,326 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

Another fine set of links....I did like the one on erotic art--but your description of it was perfect.

The "Libertarian Fantasy Island" reminds me of a section from a recent game in the CALL OF DUTY videogame series where yes, your character does infiltrate something similar.

The Trump/Russia affair has too much momentum behind it to be stopped--either by the GOP and/or Trump. And despite the bleating of some on the Left (like, say, H.A. Goodman or Matt Stoller) there is a lot of smoke, which means there must be a roaring inferno underneath it all. After all, if there is nothing there, if Trump and company did nothing wrong, then why the hell are they trying to stop the investigation? Whether it is the foot-dragging of some in the GOP, the sneaky nonsense of Devin Nunes all the way up to Trump firing Comey, these people are making it plainly clear that there is something there, and that they are afraid of people finding out.

The wingnuts can try to stop Rachel Maddow--and as you said, they will fail. As much as MSNBC is rushing to hire right-wingers, the simple truth is that Rachel is winning her time-slot and for MSNBC to cut her loose because of the screaming of a few misogynist idiots is, well, idiotic.

And finally, no one should be surprised by Trump's budget and how it will screw over the red states--at least, anyone who was paying attention throughout the campaign of 2016. And of course, Hillary Clinton did warn us repeatedly about what would happen.

04 June, 2017 08:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Browsing through your links instead of watching "Meet The Press" ... which I recommend

Have you seen this guy? (Jezezuz) ... no, sorry cant help ya. When ever these dayz folks ask me if I know Jesus, seen Jesus or whatever ... I refer them to the missing persons division of the Dallas Police Dept. I remember someone asking me if I knew Jesus or something years back at the CityPlace subway station in Dallas ... I told them No, and directed them to the DART Transit cop to ask.

Protesting in Saudi Arabia? ... those folks over there are tough ... and I thought Trump's ass- kissing over there (including his little sword dance) was overboard ... but, folks think it's cute I guess ... I dont. I know a fella who spent 11 years in Saudi Intell over there ... really a cool guy too, old school like myself, he's middle eastern and muslim too, but very moderate ... he has told me so much about the Kingdom and we still have great conversations about that region of the world and politics, intervention, retaliation, etc.

What if Global warming were a hoax? ... the cartoon sez it all ... even if there wasnt man made global warming, what is possible wrong with trying to clean up our planet, like our own yard and improving it and lives?

John 3:16 meaning? ... Oh Godd! not that verse again.

Slavery biblical? ... absolutely ... the Quran advocates that same submissive ass kissing mindset as well.

U.S. House to to punish teen sexting with prison? ... I actually expect these types of things ... to me ... in this area, we are going backwards, and turning more into a politically correct puritanical type society ... of like look, but dont taste ... push temptations down our throats, only to punish us for indulging.

BBC ... Ultra tough antibiotic ... great read.

Massachusetts republican gov to join climate alliance ... wonder if Texas will follow ... I doubt it, but maybe ... right now were to busy policing bathrooms ... when governor Abbott slacked off it ... Lt. Gov Dan Patrick pressured Abbott, Patrick is even more hardcore than Abbott, and will NOT take no for an answer, Patrick will attack gays and bathrooms no matter what.

Gay Vultures? ... uhhhh .. I dont know, maybe they're are just buddies ... humans like to believe everyone is gay and as sexually neurotic as they are.

Kathy Griffin disgusting? ... I dont know, I hear alot about it, I only felt sorry for Trump's youngest son if anything ... would like to sit down with the kid like I do with my grandkids and talk to him. But, I there is plenty of this to go around from both the left and right ... Obama was insulted hard too. I went to a GWAR show (early 1990's?), anywayz, they decapitated Bush and Quayle at it, my shirt was covered in fake blood during the show. I myself played as a victim in an underground show here in Dallas, where I was sacrificed to Satan and killed by a sadistic Satanic Priestess dominatrix ... my friend Joe Christ (musician/ film maker) done far worse stuff than her as well ... Joe used real blood too, of course friends donated the blood.

04 June, 2017 09:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I just done this comment in 2, since it may say I have too many characters Infidel.

The thing on our primitive lives and flips phones, VCR's, etc. I actually use a flip phone myself, I dont know anyone else I know that does ... my daughters and grandkids alwayz tell me to get on their familia plan and get a regular iPhone ... I declined ... it actually worx well for me, and I text quite a bit too. I still have stacks of VHS tapes and a VCR, DVD's, underground alternative writings, zines, art, etc ... like a small museum of sort. 2 of my grandsons and their buddies were by yesterday going through some of my art and vinyl collection of music (mush out of print) they thought it was nice/ cool ... they love hearing about the dayz back then too ... I dont lie to them at all, I tell them exactly what we done and how it was ... unlike most parents/ grandparents who wear their good- guy badges (LaVey term).

Speaking of phones though, I dont know if you experience this, or have laws in PDX prohibiting it, like most states. But here I constantly have to beep my horn at folks in front of me in traffic that dont know the light changed or whatever, I mean ... it's pretty heavy here, and they havent passed a law against using phones here when driving, I cant go a day driving with out experiencing this, or having to swerve from somebody crossing the line going into my lane because they are on there phones. My buddy Tim had a bad wreck on LBJ Frwy not long ago ... again, a lady on her phone crossed the line and wrecked into him at 70mph.

I love black boc ... breaking windows? ... I agree it creates business ... but I'm puzzled guy ... what am I missing?

The Rose Parade cancelled in PDX because of the "LEFT"?? ... did I read that correctly?

The sex art and rabbit art was beautiful pieces ... really nice stuff, wish I had some of those in my home at that!

Dave Daubenmire piece on christians being more violent ... well if that's the case ... perhaps non- christians need to act back with violence ... I mean, how do you combat that? ... ask them to love you? or try to love them?

Spiders piece ... I had no idea spiders ate so much. My mom told me I had a bad habit of eating spiders and raw meat when I was a little kid ... I sware, I remember none of this, and no way think of eating either as an adult ... but mom said she spanked me over it many times.

Libertarians seek home on high seas ... interesting piece. I have a couple buddies that are libertarians actually, who introduced me to more ... although I understand their utopian vision of happiness ever after, they know where I stand and how much I support things like government, taxation and even a fair amount of socialism (Steve is a very good metal guitarist and bass player too).

Atheist blogs and death, after death, etc ... it seems to me that many folks think alot about death. A lady called my phone the other day (selling shit), she was telling me about this new final expense death insurance or whatever ... I let her go on and on. Then I asked her ... do you think about dying? ... she said "we all have to" ... I told her then ... "Then you buy the insurance, I'm not thinking about dying and frankly wont give a shit when I'm dead", and hung up. My teen grandson was here when I was on the phone with her and busted out laughing {:-) ... but I guess folks wonder if they're going somewhere or whatever ... I dont think about it much ... altjhough there was a couple times where I was pretty sure I was about to die, but I still wanted to live.

04 June, 2017 09:34  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I'm only halfway through your links so far. Eggzellent selection as usual.

Thanks for linking over to The Raisin. It is much appreciated.

Last night, I had one of the retro movie channels on the TV as I was reading your previous post. That's when I realized the movie I was listening to was "Beloved Infidel." :D

04 June, 2017 21:09  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Again, you put up a great list of sites, each one worth lots of time to explore. The erotic art site reminded me of the time I did the tourist thing and saw the homes of wealthy Romans in Pompeii where the man of the house had set aside a special room where erotic art was painted on the walls. After dining, the tourist guide informed us, the home owner would then invite his male guests to view the erotica. Sort of like sharing his own collection of porno magazines.

Thanks for the links!

05 June, 2017 05:03  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

As usual, well done! I missed last week's links due to out of town family fun, but always appreciate the time you must take to retrieve these nuggets for our enjoyment and edification!

05 June, 2017 07:42  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Great analysis of John 3:16. I never thought of any of that.

05 June, 2017 09:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: After all the failed cultist utopias of history, it's amazing that these people still dream of some sort of Galt's Gulch on an island. I almost hope they eventually get to try it -- the results would be entertaining as hell. But what can you expect from grown-=ups who still take Ayn Rand seriously?

Trump is certainly doing everything possible to proclaim "I'm guilty", isn't he?

The Maddow-hunters fail to grasp that the reason advertisers flee wingnuts like O'Reilly and Hannity is that bigotry and sexual harassment really are toxic to the public, and it's good for business to abandon such people. Maddow can't be credibly accused of prejudice (and there's certainly nothing like Fox's swamp of sexual-harassment allegations there).

Ranch: The Massachusetts Governor is a pretty unusual Republican, or else he couldn't have been elected there. Texas Republicans strike me as mostly the more usual oil-industry toadies -- oil is even a major Texas industry, or used to be. But it wouldn't surprise me if some cities like Dallas and Houston join the climate alliance.

I don't think gay people are notably neurotic (except for the effects of social repression), much less gay vultures.

A lot of jurisdictions are passing laws against futzing around on gadgets while driving. Thank goodness. It's as dangerous as driving drunk.

Calls for Christian violence have to be taken seriously, given their track record from the Crusades to witch-burnings to abortion-clinic bombings. If it happens it will just turn the general public even more against the fundies, though.

I'm not really surprised that spiders eat several times their own weight in a year. Most active animals do -- I'm sure humans do.

Nonnie: I like that one:-)

Shaw: Classical tastes in decoration were far removed from those of the Christian period. Look up the "herms" that used to stand in front of houses in ancient Greece.

Hackwhacker: Actually it's just random stuff I run across while browsing the net. It does take a while to actually put the round-up posts together, though.

Blurber: As Bruce Gerencser is a former fundamentalist baptist pastor turned atheist, his insights into the Bible are especially valuable.

07 June, 2017 14:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I wasnt referring to gayz as being neurotic thinking (perhaps the way I worded it), I was referring to mostly the mass of heterosexuals that are so twisted and consumed in to what they think of as sexual deviations, etc. I mean, most gay people are comfortable with their sexuality and indulge as they see fit, regardless of what those who oppose it may say. It is mostly heterosexuals that play the good/ bad game with themselves in their heads and repressing their sexual inner feelings, tryint ot covert gayz, hookers, bi's, and getting offended or emotional even over every little nonsensical fetish or whatever ... looking for gayz under every rock or what they see as perversions ... and punishing themselves and their feelings psychologically.

08 June, 2017 09:23  

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