25 March 2012

Link round-up for 25 March 2012

Beware the black magic sperm hunters.

There's already a huge discussion forum for the Prometheus movie.

They were the 99%.

Show your support for Romney with a shirt.

No -- it's your friends who deserve the credit.

A Pennsylvania blogger looks at Santorum.

Productivity is up, but most of the gains aren't going to the producers.

Here's an entertaining example of the squabbling about religion that divides the right wing (start around comment 29).

Love, Joy, Feminism looks at pregnancy.

It's not "moderate" to compromise with lunatics.

Yes! Warren surges ahead of Brown in the polls.

Hold religion responsible for the cruelty and suffering caused by its teachings (found via Republic of Gilead).

Looks like we'll need women voters to save the country.

If you get sick in Pennsylvania, your doctor may not be allowed to tell you what it is.

How big of a deal is the etch-a-sketch gaffe?

My state is an epicenter of dangerous anti-vaccine crackpottery.

The best thing about this post on young people abandoning religion is the first comment.

Trayvon Martin wasn't the only person to be killed recently for "existing while black".

Part of the blame lies with phony "under-news".

How are rightists dealing with the Martin killing? Here's a sample -- and here's Gingrich's spin.

The "stand your ground" rule is not relevant to the case.

Why are so many conservatives taken in by global-warming denialism? Religion plays a role.

Santorum is too Vatican for American Catholics.

The Ozarks exemplify conservative values.

Republic of Gilead reports on the right wing attacks on the Violence Against Women Act, here and here.

As the election approaches, Obama gets tougher.

Yes, birth rates are plummeting, but right-wing alarmism about it is nonsense.

Can foreign learners help save Irish Gaelic?

The Catholic Church castrated boys in the 1950s to "cure" homosexuality.

Despite renewed threats from Argentina, Falklanders are optimistic about the future.

Russians have a more mature attitude toward changing political views than we do.

There's no room for political correctness when confronting religious fanaticism.

16-year-old Amina Filali committed suicide -- and the reason will shock you.

It's dangerous to be an emo in Iraq.

Will rising sea levels threaten your area?

TYWKIWDBI posts Jefferson's famous letter to the Danbury Baptists.

The CIA once conducted LSD experiments on unknowing Americans -- so what's it doing now?


Blogger Ahab said...

Thanks for yet another shout-out. I liked the Red Letter Christians commentary, and will share it in my next Commentary Tidbits post (with a nod to you, of course).

25 March, 2012 08:20  

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