05 February 2012

Link round-up for 5 February 2012

SNL imagines Gingrich's Moon colony.

Murr Brewster explores how to be an influential blogger.

How long does a queen last?

Don't poke the big guy.

In Seamus's name -- it's Dogs Against Romney.

Mankind needs faith in the toilet unicorn.

Fashion -- would anyone actually wear this?

Today is the birthday of one of the world's greatest and most unique artists.

Wise words from a wise woman.

This is not the face of a President.

Giant snakes escaping from dumbass exotic-pet enthusiasts are wiping out native mammals in Florida (too bad they didn't get any of the Republican Presidential candidates, but then, none of them look very edible).

Millions of Americans live in a nightmarish illusion.

Here's Fox News summed up in one sign.

Romney can't even get a simple thing like this right.

The Komen Foundation battle isn't over, though the Christian Right is freaking out -- more here.

Republicans keep running into problems with their campaign songs.

Yet another Catholic archdiocese is inundated with legal claims for child molestation.

More insiders corroborate: Ron Paul knew of and approved those racist newsletters. Green Eagle looks at the Paul cult's fascist ties.

Beware of political spin by the lazy media.

Romney knows nothing of how ordinary people live. His tax plan is just another give-away to the wealthiest, but he's not inspiring much far-right enthusiasm. Here's a look at his Bain record. He belongs to a male-dominated cult (found via Republic of Gilead) -- but don't they all?

The Nutty faction of Republicans is shifting support from Gingrich to Santorum.

The Atheist Camel looks at recent examples of Christian cruelty and hypocrisy.

For Republicans to move back to moderation, they need a Clinton- like figure; as it is, they may become even crazier.

Bigoted religious cranks go after JC Penney.

Here's an interesting discussion (both post and comments thread) of Romney's VP options.

The Sarah Burke case highlights the gulf between the American and Canadian health-care systems.

Andrew Sullivan has a round-up of reactions to the Florida primary.

Here's more on how dogmatic fundamentalism is driving away its own younger generation (found via Republic of Gilead).

Britain is beefing up security in the Falklands, just in case.

Doctors fight quackery in Australia.

Dead-Logic looks at atheism and superstition in South Africa.

Egyptians blame their interim military government for the deadly Port Said soccer riot. The Muslim Brotherhood, too, is an outdated relic of the past.

Libya's doing better than you think.

As the Syrian regime escalates its brutality, it loses legitimacy.

This is one hell of a crack.

Muslim fake science is just as pathetic as Christian creationism.

A Moon colony is actually a backward-looking idea since manned space travel is obsolete.

Russian scientists close in on a lake which has been isolated for 15 million years (found via Histories of Things to Come); photos here.

Fixing these proteins should help stop aging in brain cells.

American leadership in technology depends upon educated brainpower, not cheap labor (the same is even more true of the even more important revolution in medical technology, though the essay doesn't mention this).


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Those photos from "How long does a queen last?", when looked at as a whole, have a powerful impact. Really amazing.

05 February, 2012 10:48  
Blogger mendip said...

Nice links - thanks. Enjoyed the one on Queen Liz. The photo of her with Gerald Ford is an artifact from a little protocol scandal. During her dance, the White House band played "The Lady Is A Tramp"....

06 February, 2012 02:39  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link up Infodell ....

06 February, 2012 05:04  

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