22 January 2012

Link round-up for 22 January 2012

Best T-shirt ever!

Not the best name for a towing company.

Thank the right person.

Ken Ham descends into a dizzy spiral of circular argument.

The I-75 project puts up signs of the times (sent by Shaw Kenawe).

Fox News is being weird about Andrew Sullivan's Newsweek essay on Obama.

There's more to using Google than you know.

Police and school officials are investigating the vile religious threats against Jessica Ahlquist. Here's another example of the hate. But we already have supportive T-shirts.

Andrew Sullivan looks at yesterday's political earthquake in South Carolina. Gingrich is winning Christian Right support as Romney implodes nation-wide. For an example of what sane Republicans are up against, read this PowerLine post, then read the comments. Race 4 2012 (a good site to follow the Republican contest) looks ahead to Florida and considers the shape of the race now.

Don't forget about Ron Paul.

The people spoke and politicians listened -- the evil SOPA plan is dead. Amusing footnote here. Now we must punish those who supported it. By all that we hold dear.....

Florida police tortured a prisoner to death in 2009.

Yes, this is pretty much how the media cover protests.

America rising: GM is once again the world's top car-maker.

Bob Marshall, Republican delegate of Virginia, is disgusting (sent by Mendip).

Obama stands up to the Christian Right on birth-control coverage.

Here's a sensible proposal from one of the dwindling number of sane Republican leaders.

One out of eight Americans must constantly make burdensome accommodations.

Ron Paul cultists threaten a Georgia family with violence and murder (found via Politics Plus).

"They are not your misguided friends. They are your fully intelligent adversaries".

Better-educated people are more likely to see government as a solution.

Republicans may face a devastating defeat this year. But don't get over-confident -- what if they win?

Some of Obama's achievements have gone almost unnoticed.

A majority of Americans now recognize that inequality is a bigger problem than regulation.

British undercover cops enjoy their work perhaps a bit too much.

Violent religious thugs force the cancellation of a human-rights meeting.

Europe's current policies are economic suicide.

The EU finally does something right, confronting incipient fascism in Hungary.

The Turkish government slaps down Perry.

Internet clich├ęs not withstanding, the "Chinese century" is a myth.

Sane people should stay the hell out of Indonesia.

Cetaceans are people too

55 Cancri e is a bizarre place (found via Mendip).

Ancient-aliens drivel assumes that ancient humans were stupid.

The last century revolutionized health.

Science is making real progress in fighting macular degeneration.


Blogger mendip said...

Great links - thanks. The one on using Google is particularly valuable for someone like me who was ignorant on the subtleties of that site. I would caution against reading too much into Newt's victory in South Carolina. A state that would normally never go for someone like Mittens, (and NEVER for a Democrat). It'll take a week or two to really see if it gives any traction to Gingrich; and more importantly, how it affects the money people in the GOP. Normally, I'd see them sticking with Romney, and that'll make a big difference. On the other hand, I don't see where Santorum goes from here. Bragging about a razor thin victory in Iowa a few weeks ago is thin gruel, particularly to the money men who'd finance a continuing campaign.

22 January, 2012 06:19  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the link's Infodell. BTW ... I just heard on the news that my main man Newt is the "man" this week : )

22 January, 2012 08:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mendip: But SC Republicans are probably fairly representative of Republicans around the country, the way the party now is. And Gingrich is surging in polls of Republicans nation-wide.

I'm sure the party leadership and the "money men" will remain firmly behind Romney, but they already were, and Romney's campaign has far more money than Gingrich's. SC suggests that those factors are no longer decisive. Teabaggers are very suspicious of elites and institutions, including Republican ones. The old ways of thinking no longer describe reality.

RC: Just watch, if Gingrich is the nominee, you may see Obama carry Texas this November.

22 January, 2012 09:13  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

If these "poll's" mean anything ... I can tell you that Obama already carries Texas over any of the GOP in recent Texas poll's that is.

22 January, 2012 21:25  

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