12 January 2012

Best of the Infidel, 2011

Civilized warfare

The urgent problem of inequality in the United States

Nuclear power -- a dangerous dinosaur

How violence subverts protest

Germany's left turn

Pastor Jones and the barbarians

The future leans left -- the big picture


Rejoice at the death of bin Laden

Fight for reachable pragmatists, not ideologists

The day after May 21

Eternal justice, after all?

Global-warming denialism is a trap for the right wing

A victory for free expression in Europe

Save the economy by restoring taxes to normal levels

Independence Day post -- This land is our land

Mexico rising

Ireland stands up to evil

Republicans becoming divided

The drive toward minority rule in the United States

Politically, I don't have a choice

Teabaggers of the left

Libertarians and liberals (1)

Libertarians and liberals (2)

Super-Earths and sexy aliens

Blasphemy Day International, 2011

Questions on the Occupier movement

Occupy Portland, October 2011

Europe awakens

The European Union vs. European nations

Religion is undermined by contact with other religions

The European Union delusion

Christmas post


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