08 January 2012

Link round-up for 8 January 2012

Art brings the Bible to life.

What if Lord of the Rings had been written today?

The tomb of Jesus has been found!

Check out this hamster-powered submarine (found via Mendip).

This person refuses to run his life on the basis of a badly-written fantasy novel.

This crank says Christians should abandon non-Christian friends or partners.

Let's make one thing sacrosanct for 2012.

The ACLU gets involved when a Missouri public library blocks pagan websites (sent by Mendip).

Hitchens left us some ruminations on Christmas.

Drug legalization is a mainstream position.

The contrast between Santorum and Huntsman illustrates why the latter isn't getting anywhere with Republican voters.

Conservatives love Big Brother.

Jen McCreight has a directory of female atheists.

A scientist speaks out on Gingrich's latest pander to the anti- science right wing.

Santorum has a totalitarian mind-set.

Romney's "locust capitalism" illustrates why I use the term "financial parasite class".

Europe's tallest building is being built in London, but it doesn't really fit in.

Here's a story of deep spiritual belief from Britain.

Finland's schools are among the best in the world, for a surprising reason.

Beginnings of an EU break-up? Greece says it will leave the euro if bail-out talks fail, and member countries are re-imposing border controls. The project was always doomed because there's no such thing as a European people. Meanwhile, austerity continues to take its toll.

Hungary's new constitution is scary; Hungarians, and foreign observers, are alarmed.

Here's one reason I might find Russia a congenial place.

The Inca Empire maintained a fairly complex society apparently without money or trade.

It looks more and more like fracking can cause earthquakes.

Here's a nuclear detonation after one millisecond (found via Mendip).

There are probably billions of planets in the galaxy, but ours is the best. More here.

Stem-cell treatments reverse the effects of aging in mice with progeria.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link round up Infodell ... I have wondered about the fracking myself and the recent rise of earthquake's in our region here (think I wrote something about it even?), had one (mild) last week in North Dallas, several in Oklahoma that could be felt in Dallas. We had one a little stronger about a month or so ago, that woke my daughter and her boyfriend up late at night, she ran out to me in the living room and asked what's happening? I told her it was an earthquake .. she thought I was joking and many other's in the neighborhood wondered what it was ... I knew automatically when the living room out the side's of my eye's looked kind of blurry and that familiar rattle sound, and the ceiling fan started swaying ... I seen it too much year's back in Los Angeles.

08 January, 2012 16:39  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I didnt even know about the 70+ story building in London before this. London had alot of building's but not at that height, so it would stand out. I think Dallas' tallest building is about 72/ 74 stories(?)

08 January, 2012 16:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Earthquakes are certainly very rare in Britain, normally. These correlations are getting more and more ominous.

I seem to recall the tallest building in Dallas being 74 stories. It's right next to that cabin that's said to be Dallas's first building, isn't it?

08 January, 2012 19:25  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

One block from it actually, close enough Infodell

09 January, 2012 03:07  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Actually I wasnt refering to any earthquake's in Britian, but the recent rise of them (tremor's) in Dallas/ Fort Worth. I been here many year's, and this is unusual here.

09 January, 2012 03:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Right -- there I was referring to the linked article, which mentioned earthquakes in England.

09 January, 2012 04:20  

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