03 June 2011

Video of the week -- fundie funnies

Richard Dawkins reads e-mails sent to him by religionists.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the vid and Good Morning Infodel. First place, I like Dawkin's, I seen a video (I still have on VHS) where he was visiting Jerusalem and had a small chat sitdown with some muslim radical leader of sort (cant recall his name, but he's popular) who was telling him that he and American men dress their women like whore's and some other stuff, of course Dawkin's blew it off, I sure as Hell wish I was with him at that one. I didnt think of it as funny, first watching this video, but couldnt help laughing getting into it. The reason why is ... these folk's claim to be about love, Jesus, saving humanity, and a schlew of other popular goodie goodie stuff ... yet they want to do this to this guy because he question's the existence of God? I seen him also with Ted Haggard, a christian preacher closet queen, who like's to turn on young guy's to meth, smoke, watch porn together and fool around ... this was before Ted got busted, but Ted was also spit and polish and talking down to Dawkin's. But Dawkin's can really tolerate alot of stuff, reckon he's used to it after so much. For the record ... I love gal's who dress "sexy", I turn my head so quick walking down the street when I see a sexy dressed gal (I reckon folk's call it "whore dressing") ... I just find it totally boring seeing gal's wrapped up in sheet's head to toe ... we are very different on our taste's of what is attractive in a gal ... I mean ... they wrap them up tighter than a goddamn burrito ... how can you even see what the gal look's like or ... even enjoy her beauty?

Thanx though, it was a good laugh for breakfast!

03 June, 2011 06:08  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

The FFRF (Freedom From Religion foundation) als publishes the hate mail they receive. I notice several commonalities about these e-mails:

They lack any attempt to present a counter argument to Dawkins; most likely because the writers lack sufficient intellect.

They are blatantly hypocritical supposedly coming from a Christian perspective which is supposed to embrace love, compassion and forgiveness.

They consist of angry personal attacks on the recipient and fall back on profanity as the writer is unable to formulate a literate argument.

I am amazed that people are so willing to reveal themselves as complete morons. But I guess if one is stupid, they lack the ability to recognize how stupid they are.

03 June, 2011 10:12  

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