29 May 2011

Quote for the day -- an unnatural vice

"Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?"

Chad Aldridge


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Republicans aren't unnatural, several species resort to cannibalism...

29 May, 2011 07:21  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Bible Thumper reply: "B-b-but we're created in God's image and God considers homosecksuality to be an abomination!"

29 May, 2011 08:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

GeG: True, although not many species engage in such organized parasitism on their own kind.....

TK: One wonders why God would have created all those gay chimpanzees, dolphins, sheep, etc. Maybe they're all sinners?

29 May, 2011 08:41  
Blogger Ahab said...

:: applauds ::


29 May, 2011 19:40  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Great quote. It's going up on my blog, with a h/t to Infidel753.

31 May, 2011 06:35  

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