21 May 2011

Link round-up for 21 May 2011

Well, this is one way to reward employees, but I wonder what they do for female sales people?

What an utter wanker.

Annoyed by lousy spelling? Payback is sweet (found via Mendip).

An anti-gay preacher causes a stir with a prayer in the Minnesota House. (Anti-gay? With that hat? And that hair?)

Ranch Chimp looks at Boston's Museum of Bad Art.

Harold Camping's end-of-the-world drivel has inspired idiots to throw away their life savings and sane people to plan parties (here's one) and other fun ways to spend the day. Impending doom is all the gays' fault (so if the world doesn't end, does that mean the gays are off the hook?). Dead Logic has a recommended reading list, StormWatch 7 has a weather forecast, and SpoonBlog has a student FAQ; in any case, God may be running late (last 3 links found via Mendip).

See a collection of heart-warming photos from President Obama's visit to Booker T Washington high school in Memphis.

PZ Myers fisks Deepak Chopra's befuddled gibberish.

Defending the First Amendment earns the hatred of fanatics -- and they'll violate it anyway. Here's why it matters, and a history of the case (where you can also donate to a scholarship fund).

A study of the problem of child-raping Catholic priests, funded by the Church itself, completely exonerates the Church; it was all the liberal counter-culture's fault. Glad that's been cleared up.

Krugman warns Obama against yielding to debt-ceiling blackmail.

Here's more about that "Welcome" ad rejected by the Sojourners: "taking sides", widespread prejudice, an open letter, and a waffling defense.

The US faces a new terrorist threat.

With Huckabee out, Republicans have lost their top voice for the middle class -- and Bachmann has a better shot at the nomination. Gingrich has spectacularly self-destructed (found via Plutocrap). And Republicans in general aren't too happy with the problem- plagued candidates they've got.

Gay marriage now has firm majority support among people under 50 and among religious groups other than evangelicals.

Republicans like to call regulations, tax hikes, and minimum-wage increases "job killers"; here's empirical evidence that they're wrong (found via Plutocrap).

A new website, DropFox, focuses on efforts to get advertisers to stop supporting Fox News.

It's the workers, not the rich, who create wealth and jobs.

Here's a guide for the religious on re-absorbing young escapees -- is this really the best they can do?

High-school student Amy Myers, who challenged Bachmann to a debate, is being barraged with frightening threats.

Now that bin Laden has met his deserved end, we should bury the Patriot Act with him.

There's more to Republican hypocrisy about taxes than meets the eye.

Haters respond to gay-marriage prospects in New York state -- with another vehicle tour.

Why is the Washington establishment so out of step with voters' concerns about the economy?

In every religion, some women choose abortion.

It's our country too -- ten great things about America (found via Republic of Gilead).

Arch-teabagger Scott Walker is now trying to roll back the basic rights gays have won in Wisconsin -- things like hospital visitation rights. Here's an online petition against his attack.

The whole passel of nasty teabagger governors elected last year is already in the doghouse with their voters.

Gingrich wants to remake the US in the image of Texas.

From the viewpoint of religious morality, genocide is logical.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's fall may be another blow against the embattled euro currency.

Anti-austerity protests have spread to Spain, with Tahrir-Square- inspired protest camps in Madrid and other cities (more here, with pictures). As in Egypt, tone-deaf authorities reacted with a ban.

In Britain, spending cuts and austerity are already suffocating the economic recovery.

In Australia, a Christian mob attacks a peaceful gay rally (found via Republic of Gilead). And evangelists in that country are in damage-control mode after their underhanded proselytizing of school-children is exposed.

Escalating the struggle to oust Qaddhafi, British jets obliterate the fighting power of the Libyan navy.

Bello Maasaba had a good reason for marrying 107 women -- God told him to.

Natural selection explains the prime number cycles of cicadas.

Chimpanzees' self-awareness is even more sophisticated than we thought (found via Kiko's House).

"Sex addiction" is a stupid concept.

New technology enables a paralyzed man to stand and walk.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Laughed at the anti-gay minister and cried over the photos of Obama in Memphis. Had missed them, but I really haven't been blogging much lately. Was cheered by the Daily Beast article on the backlash against Republican overreach across the country, which explains why they're so hellbent on keeping citizens who traditionally vote Democratic away from the polls.

21 May, 2011 06:22  
Blogger okjimm said...

wow... that is a whole lotta reading.... gees, and I have to mow the lawn, do the laundry and run to get a six pack all before the world ends.

good stuff... again!!!

21 May, 2011 06:32  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Infodel!

I was just fingering through these, but wanted to add here first that the post on ole Newt and Texas on the "Jobsanger" blog is actually accurate. I know there is alot of stereotyping on Texas ... however, this is very accurate. Now ... I love Texas of course as I pointed out time and again for various reason's ... but I also been all over this nation, and believe me ... if folk's think it is hard now across America ... let folk's like the type's of Newt or Bush get in power in Washington and it will make all this look like kiddie play. Of course I do fairly well in this state, but there are alot of folk's who do not if your a lower working class type. The drug problem help here is even a total failure or even any social help whatsoever ... you can say, it's sort of a "your on your own state" and very, very deep corruption as far as budget's etc. If you are not a hustler, strong, and at least have a fair wage here ... it can to be tough on you too. They also depend on "faith based" group's for so many social service's across the board here, this is part of what the GOP is trying to do to the nation with this privatization thing. All "privatization' mean's in 2011/ 2012 from these folk's basically is ... hardly no gvmnt, no oversight, no regulation, and instead of having a gvmnt by the people for the people, having a neo corporate type dictatorship.

Thanx ....

21 May, 2011 06:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

LP: I still think Dean looks gay; people say he's going for a heavy-metal look, but if so, he's blowing it (sorry.....).

As for the overreach, I hardly dare get my hopes up, but it is starting to seem like they've shot themselves in the foot with this Ryan / Medicare thing, to say nothing of various other blunders.

Okjimm: Given that Camping seems to have made an error in his calculations (as far as I can tell, the world is still here), I'm going with the person holding the sign at left in the picture above -- you have five billion years to catch up on things.

RC: I don't blame the average Texan for the flaws in the system there, except insofar as they facilitate it by failing to vote. In any case, Gingrich seems to be turkeying out, so his plans are becoming academic.

21 May, 2011 18:08  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

"Gingrich wants to remake the US in the image of Texas."

Does he mean to encourage states to go in the hole with a $25+ deficit?

21 May, 2011 19:40  
Blogger Ahab said...

Regarding the Crosswalk commentary, it was at least trying to acknowledge different reasons why young people deconvert, but I don't think its proposed responses were very strong. That being said, it was a better approach to deconversions than Ken Ham's ALREADY GONE, which thinks that teaching kids apologetics is the magic answer.

22 May, 2011 12:53  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

SK: Thanks for that link -- I hadn't heard about this. I guess they'll cut education. Since they consider tax increases out of the question, all they can do is eat the seed corn.

Ahab: It's hard to see what responses they can come up with. People who were raised religious have presumably already heard it all.

I know some people do go from atheist to religious, but it's a tiny trickle compared with the torrent going the other way.

22 May, 2011 18:29  

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