07 May 2011

Link round-up for 7 May 2011

Yes, these might well get you some funny looks.

It's an honor to be Boba Fett.

Here's a handy Chinese labor-saving device.

Looks like the royal marriage is off to a good start.

My favorite thing about this story was Mendip's headline.

After the birthers come the Earthers.

An old-but-good link: Arabia holds a beauty pageant.

Pundits are assessed for their track record of accuracy.

These billboards just didn't belong together (found via Mendip).

Hello again, long time no see, sorry about that silly old gang rape.

Gothic Atheist fisks some asinine advice about suffering.

TV ownership is declining, though still high.

As I long suspected, atheists are more moral than religionists.

Look here to compare Bush's responsibilities with Obama's responsibilities.

This, I guess, is moderate Christianity.

Cheer for your rapist and pay his bills, or else -- more here.

No, we're not gonna quiet down.

Sorry, Andrew, the good Sisters are right about this one -- more here.

Beware, the policies of these agencies are a threat to blogging (sent by Republic of Gilead).

You're right, they both stink.

Jobsanger presents wisdom from a Republican.

It's really too bad this guy didn't make it as a professional artist.

Science fiction expands our sexual imaginations (sent by Gothic Atheist).

Buoyed by strong public support, gay marriage advocates close in on victory in New York state. And the rest of the country is only a matter of time.

David Frum is reassured by Obama's resolve against bin Laden (so is The Heathen Republican).

If you want to see a picture of the dead terrorist, watch out.

Why Geronimo?

The nutty conspiracy theories have already started. More here.

American experts are reviewing a treasure trove of hard drives and other computer equipment seized from bin Laden's house. (Wanna bet they find gigabytes of porn?)

It may be useful to think of terrorists as pirates.

A soldier schools a teabagger on Obama's role as commander-in- chief.

The bullet in bin Laden's head also killed the liberal-as-wimp cliché.

A blogger thanks Johann Hari for telling the plain truth about European Islam.

Der Spiegel reports that Greece is considering abandoning the euro and bringing back its own currency. EU big shots deny it -- but if I had to choose, I'd trust Der Spiegel.

The Libyan crisis is creating a flood of black African refugees.

Is there a right kind of Islam?

We have a lot to gain by actively supporting the Syrian rebellion.

Fattards have lousy sex, when they have it at all.

Normally a fish brain is of little interest -- but this one is three hundred million years old.

The Greenland ice cap is melting much faster than climate-change models predicted (more here).


Anonymous Ahab said...

Loved the billboards!

07 May, 2011 19:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Notice that the nutter billboard misspells "exalteth".....

07 May, 2011 20:04  
Blogger dmarks said...

"The bullet in bin Laden's head also killed the liberal-as-wimp cliché."

Yup. No one can doubt that Obama really knows what he is doing in foreign policy.

And that he's no Dennis Kucinich... a man who votes like he is influenced by the Al Queda lobby, and sees the world in terms of his own imagination and wishes instead of how it really is.

Good show, Mr. President!

08 May, 2011 04:36  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I just wanted to say Good Morning and Thanx for the link round up Ifodel ... I'm just getting throtuh these now. The photo at the heading of the "good/ evil" billboard thing is getting more popular these dayz, especially in America's heartland ... which basically is .... a strip joint put's up an ad, then the fundamoralist's run to the rescue, with they "sayeth", "doeth", and "cumeth" stuff ... or disguise it by saying you have a sex addiction and to call this phone number for help ... which is a ministry of course, etc ... I know all their trick's.

08 May, 2011 09:52  
Blogger mendip said...

Another great set of links - thanks. I particularly liked the one about hitler as an artist. There's a fun book by Norman Spinrad entitled "The Iron Dream" that speculates about what would have happened if he had pursued that profession. (It also pokes fun at a lot of the authoritarianism found in some SF stories).

08 May, 2011 12:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

DMarks: No one can doubt that Obama really knows what he is doing in foreign policy.

Well, some are still trying to doubt, but it's getting tougher.

RC: I bet fundamoralists don't want too many people going to places like strip joints -- they might recognize the fundamoralist sitting at the next table.

Mendip: I've read The Iron Dream. A very odd piece of work -- it basically re-imagines Hitler's career in SF terms, from his own viewpoint. Interesting in places but rather tasteless.

I've noticed unpleasant authoritarian leanings in some older SF. I'd hoped there was less of that now.

08 May, 2011 17:18  

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