23 April 2011

Happy St. George's Day

Today is St. George's day, the national day of England, widely observed despite not being officially recognized as a holiday.

One of the traditional observances of the day is flying the English flag (as seen above, on display in Nottingham today). Last year I linked to this posting by an English blogger who was suffering harassment from politically-correct local authorities for hanging the flag from his window -- although, in fairness, it was not difficult to find photos that day of various English towns with the flags abundantly displayed. I was curious to know whether the situation had improved with the intervening election which brought the Conservative party to power; but the blogger, Four Dinners, is away from home today on an errand. Perhaps we'll get a report upon his return.

At any rate, there seem to be plenty of observances this year, and there's a campaign under way to get the day official holiday status. For another taste of England, see this week's video of the week.


Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Personally I observe St. Swithin's Day. Living in (rainy) Oregon, I'm surprised it isn't at least a state holiday.

23 April, 2011 11:13  

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