06 May 2011

Video of the week -- getting better

To gay teenagers who are bullied, targeted by bigots, rejected by family, even driven to suicide, Dan Savage's It Gets Better project has a message of hope: happier days are coming.

The struggle against the monstrous cruelty of "traditional values" has been long and hard, but we are winning.

(More on the ad here.)


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Dan Savage has done young people a great favor by his wonderful YouTube videos. Bless him. [Meant in a nonreligious way.]

I'm so glad he's out there telling our young gay children to have courage and to know that there are so many people who cherish and support them.

06 May, 2011 16:54  
Blogger Nance said...

The billboard duo is priceless!

Re: Geronimo. That may have been the code name for OBL, but it is often used in standard American parlance to mean something like "Bingo!" or "Eureka!" or "Voila`!"an exclamation of completion or success. We used it that way as children playing games of search and discovery.

Should we have done so? We did.

07 May, 2011 17:29  

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