28 May 2011

Link round-up for 28 May 2011

Here's the latest from the MRA madhouse: Lysistrata in reverse.

"Agnosticism" is an annoying semantic game.

A self-aware bisexual girl demolishes that stupid "rape supporter" detection list.

It's time to live life according to the Bible (found via Jobsanger).

British reviewers sharpen their claws on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

A trip to Canada reveals the threat of Illuminati psychological penises.

There's now a whole website dedicated to people who can't tell The Onion from reality.

Women scientists still meet hackneyed condescension from troglodytes.

The featured artist for this week is photographer Roman Loranc.

Green Eagle ventures into Confederate politics.

Credit where credit is due: Chris Christie is not a global-warming denialist.

PZ Myers, as expected, has the best commentary on the Rapture -- and read this, too.

Mockery works, and abstaining from it didn't make the bigots like us, anyway. We should use it on the terrorists too.

Speaking of stupid terrorists, here's one.

California produces a strong new contender for the title of most ignorant goofball in politics.

Pawlenty vetoes legalized cannabis for the terminally ill.

Arizona police brutally kill a former Marine during a marijuana raid, then try to cover up the facts. (Wait a minute, they're using armored personnel carriers to fight marijuana?)

Focus on the Family's head thinks the right has lost its war against gay marriage (found via Republic of Gilead). Our side agrees.

The Jack Davis effect doesn't change the fact that NY-26 was bad news for Republicans. More on the implications here.

Here's a breakdown of attitudes on gay marriage by religion -- the fundamentalist minority is out of step with the rest of the country.

McConnell raises the ante in the attack on Medicare. Political background here and here, possible indicator of the Democrats' negotiating position here, analysis of Republican claims here.

Bachmann gets another challenge from a teenager.

Obama's Presidency has delivered tremendous practical gains for gay Americans -- in the face of solid Republican opposition.

Here's an example of the mentality that will likely stop Romney or Huntsman from winning the Republican Presidential nomination. But Romney calculates that a Palin run would help him by scaring the Republican establishment.

William Lane Craig's case for religion is just the same old failed clichés.

Republican over-reach turns opinion in Obama's favor in Florida and Wisconsin.

Here's an interview with Louis Marinelli, the former anti-gay- marriage campaigner who saw the light.

It's red states that are a drain on the federal treasury (found via Green Eagle).

Atheists come out of the closet in Tulsa.

Americans overwhelmingly favor tougher regulation of Wall Street.

A teenage girl raped by an adult was humiliated and forced to apologize by religious leaders. The Mideast? No, New Hampshire.

Health-care reform is working as planned to broaden coverage and reduce costs.

Miranda Celeste analyzes that fatuous Church-sponsored report that blamed priestly child molestation on the counter-culture.

What's really driving the national debt?

Damon Fowler, the courageous Louisiana student who protested an unconstitutional graduation prayer, has been thrown out of his home by his parents.

Texas's budget crisis doesn't fit the script (from Shaw Kenawe).

Details emerge of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's "seduction" of his hotel maid.

Canada has cut crime as much as the US, without a huge rise in incarceration.

In Britain, the Labour party recognizes past mistakes on class and immigration, while the ruling Conservatives pick a dangerous fight with the police.

Princess Beatrice gets the last laugh -- the world's most famous hat raises £81,101 for charity.

In the face of public protest, Greek politicians refuse to agree on further austerity madness demanded by the EU and IMF.

A Greek partial default would do only minor harm to Europe's core economy.

Japan is about to launch a major push for solar power.

After world War II, the Vatican helped thousands of Nazis escape justice (found via Mendip).

Netanyahu's domestic popularity soars after his US visit. Israel's demography has changed dramatically in the last 15 years.

The West and Russia commit $20 billion to help Egypt and Tunisia build democracy.

Egyptians return to Tahrir Square to keep the revolution on track.

In Syria Friday saw a new wave of protests and a new crack-down, but casualties were fewer than on previous Fridays -- perhaps the regime is realizing it can't win by repression alone.

The Iranian theocracy helps the Syrian regime crush its people; Russia raises the pressure on Qaddhafi.

Qaddhafi hides from NATO airstrikes in hospitals -- he counts on the West's civilized restrained even as his own brutality continues unchecked.

The struggle in Yemen escalates to civil war.

The Arab push for democracy is alive in Morocco.

The smoking habit is headed for extinction in most advanced countries.

The rainbow eucalyptus earns its name.

Burundanga is a frightening drug with interesting implications for neuroscience and the study of free will.

Orgasm is a whole-brain experience.

Here's another animal that's too big (found via Mendip).

Aging is a disease and should be treated as such (found via Maria Konovalenko).


Blogger mendip said...

Another great listing! I particularly enjoyed the one devoted to believers in articles from The Onion.

28 May, 2011 09:34  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Lots to comment on here... but Romney running for president might be a downside for the LDS.

If the same level of vehement scrutiny put into Obama's birth record were to shine a light on the CrAzY crap behind the Mormon religion, their campaign might have a hell of a lot of public relations back-peddling to do.

29 May, 2011 12:29  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

you've done it again, infidel. tons of interesting stuff to read.

30 May, 2011 01:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Agnosticism" is an annoying semantic game.

I disagree. Agnosticism is compatible with weak atheism, but not strong atheism. In my experience, agnostics wish to distance themselves from strong atheists, and believers.

06 June, 2011 12:45  

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