27 November 2010

Link roundup for 27 November 2010

What's wrong with America? Not enough macho actors.

Robert the Skeptic recalls nightmarish Thanksgivings past.

Pastor Cedric Miller, who condemned Facebook as a gateway to marital infidelity, seems to have done OK without it.

To fortify us against a month of bad music, there's Tim Minchin.

Feminisnt fights TSA security theater with theater of her own.

Protesters in Ukraine attract attention.

Ranch Chimp recalls an early encounter with the world's oldest profession in Canada.

The global map of accessibility shows travel time from any point to the nearest major city; note too how North-America-to-Europe routes and North-America-to-East-Asia routes still dominate global shipping (found via Mèng Bómín).

This week saw a would-be Islamic terrorist bombing at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. I've been there many times; it's less than five miles from where I live.

Nothing to worry about -- Minnesota state representative Tom Hackbarth was just checking up on his girlfriend.

Here are five new Republicans to watch.

Mitch Daniels, touted among moderate conservatives as an ideal Presidential candidate, doesn't poll well among hard-liners.

Right-wing economic policies re-create the conditions which led to the Great Depression.

The abomination of rescission spreads from health insurance to life insurance.

Here's a shopping guide to products made in the US (found via Serious Implications).

Every murder victim has a story.

There's good news out of New Jersey -- and it's bipartisan too.

PRRI looks at religion and the election (found via Republic of Gilead).

NOM babbles incoherently in Rhode Island.

Teabaggerdom could face an internal conflict over religion; more here (both found via Republic of Gilead).

A newly-revealed German classified document refutes Bush's claim that Germany supported the invasion of Iraq.

The Irish are unhappy with their government's acceptance of an EU-imposed austerity plan as the price of a bail-out (more here); the Irish Daily Star newspaper too is unimpressed. In Portugal, unions take action.

Rationalism thrives in Mexico.

Islamic schools in Britain teach anti-Jewish and anti-gay hatred.

For crying out loud, it's just a frackin' book!

Take the 2011 Christianity challenge.

Atheism should be easy to refute, if it's false.

The UN has a problem which messes up its priorities.

Something is rotten at the London Review of Books.

Villagers in a remote part of China may be descended from Roman mercenaries (found via Mendip).

What would the Earth look like if it stopped rotating?

The reproductive biology of Copidosoma floridanum is complex and bizarre.

The vCJD epidemic never happened, but threatens our health nevertheless.

Do you know where your seafood came from?

Vegetarianism is far from being a new fad.

A short video suggests the scale of the universe.

Are recessions an inevitable side effect of the exodus to the online world?

The term "Darwinism" should be avoided.

Maria Konovalenko has a poll on longevity.

The Obama administration acts to speed up the development of wind-power technology (found via Papamoka).

A new German-built robot arm designed like an elephant's trunk could make robot-human interaction safer (found via Mendip).

A fast and simple new virus detector could be a prime weapon against epidemics and bio-terrorism.

After earlier setbacks, work on the Alzheimer's vaccine is back on track.

Researchers in Massachusetts test a stem-cell therapy designed to regenerate the retina in macular-degeneration sufferers.

Doctors in Britain are using stem cells to help stroke victims.

Jeff Hawkins talks about brain theory and near-future intelligent computing (sent by Ochiudo).


Blogger mendip said...

Wonderful collection of links - thanks for posting!

27 November, 2010 06:23  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

Nice lil selection you picked I may add ... like to just touch on a few right now.

First I jumped to "Big Think" ... just to see what the Hell that was about,"475 The day the Earth stood still" ... and what a read that is! That is some hardcore shit, but something that has alway's sailed through my imagination! :) I had some pretty unpleasant dream's sometime's ... weird.

Dissenting Justice's piece on "Every murder victim has a story" is a pretty decent read to, and a harsh reality.

Feminisnt really had my gut going and adrenaline ... Wow ... that blogger sure tell's it like it is! I couldnt stop looking at that damn Teddy Bear in the Ranger uniform for TSA US Dept of Molestation ... that is hilarious looking too.

Nice to hear that Mr.Meyers is having a pleasant time in Mexico and found some skeptic's and atheist's to mingle with. I am too frightened to even enter Mexico right now ... I blew off a trip earlier this year to Monterrey just because of all the cartel violence I would have to pass through to get there by road. The Tex/ Mex border is having some big time battle going on Guy. But ... religion wise ... Mexico can be a strange place ... certainly unique in this part of the world ... I had the opportunity to explore some of the practice's down there.

The link to "Still Made in the USA.com" is one that I need to even read further on ... never hurt's as far as I'm concerned to buy a lil something from America and not only China ... I'm not even a communist. :)

NY Times- Europe piece on lesson's of hate in Britain's Islamic school's was a great read too ... odd though ... I cant figure out why that doesnt suprise me much? :) No ... all caca aside ... I think everybody in the world has some hatred toward's Jews it seem's like unfortunately, it's odd how anti Semitism seem's to go on for millenia over and again. But that's the first I heard of Jew's looking like pig's and monkey's. Hell of a combo, heh?

The Prop Tracker8 piece on anti LGBT in Jersey is a plus. I wanted to add to that ... that not long ago, Dallas County School District, just made law new anti LGBT hate law's for bullying as well ... from what I heard ... the only city in Texas with it.

Later Guy ....

27 November, 2010 06:38  
Blogger Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hey, Infidel: Thanks for linking me -- and thanks for the NJ anti-bullying link. Great stuff!

27 November, 2010 08:41  
Blogger Robert the Skeptic said...

Wow, a lot here... out of all that cascade of information, the take-away encouraging bit was that we still make bikinis in America! Who says we've lost our national priorities?

27 November, 2010 14:44  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Always love your link roundups!

27 November, 2010 15:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks everyone!

RC: I get the impression that the violence in Mexico is mostly near the border (hardly surprising since its roots ultimately lie in the US). Myers put up several posts about his visit to Mexico City and he never mentioned the violence.

RtS: I actually do one of these every Saturday morning -- it's how I deal with all the items that I want to bring to people's attention but which aren't suitable to write a whole post of my own about.

28 November, 2010 03:21  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Infodel .... and I did notice where he was ... he flown there obviously. I was going to drive to Monterrey though, since Mexico is so close, we have friend's/ familia there (in law's), but that's exactly it, what you say about "where" the most violence is ... the closer it get's to Texas, the more violent it get's, and there's even some violence in Monterrey, but mild, Mexico City's shit is just the local stuff ... but Mexico City can be an edgy town, believe me ... and it's huge as a city. On the Texas/ Mexico border from Matamoros to Nuevo Laredo, Del Rio, all the way to El Paso/ Juarez today is very violent, and daily execution's, dismemberment's that are done to give message's, using certain body part's and symbol's, etc ... when they open fire in town's usually in public, they hit everything in sight with no discrimination, mainly focus on executing cop's, rival's, and politician's who wont take a score. But most of the casualties in these type hit's are bystander's. Bullet spray even hit's into place's like El Paso(TX) City Hall, if a assault break's out in Central Juarez, because the two cities are that close together, even though technically two different countries, but one metro area.

28 November, 2010 05:09  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the link my friend. I appreciate it.

28 November, 2010 16:09  

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