18 November 2010

The election, distilled

Here's a handy summary of the essentials of this year's election:

Palin and the teabaggers cost the Republicans a Senate take-over they would probably otherwise have achieved (see Delaware, Nevada, Colorado).

What happened was not a pendulum swing but a collapse of voter turn-out.

The right wing still hasn't closed the gender gap.

The Republican game plan is still to obstruct everything -- DADT repeal, START, science, any tax compromise.

Same old shit, same old fan.

We know now, not to trust Rasmussen polls.

In the long run the future belongs to us.


Blogger Nameless Cynic said...

Not just a collapse of voter turn-out, but an entirely expected result. The party in the White House has traditionally taken a beating in the midterms. It's not a "mandate for the right" or anything - it has ever been thus.

18 November, 2010 08:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

True -- I noted that in my original post on the election.

18 November, 2010 09:12  

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