13 November 2010

Link roundup for 13 November 2010

An avatar of Michele Bachmann went wild on Halloween 2006.

George Rekers has written a book -- and I bet he chose the cover picture himself.

Presumably this person didn't vote for O'Donnell.

Jason deCaires Taylor has plans for a creepy artificial reef (found via Mendip).

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Orange Nut Roll R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

The Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona, has hired a suitable spokesman (found via Mendip).

Look, George, a fetus!

A pro-pedophilia book on sale at Amazon provokes controversy (sent by Ranch Chimp, who comments here).

Resist useless "security theater" on National Opt-Out Day.

If you're a conservative who thinks Obama is ruining the country, Mary wants to hear from you.

There's a difference in tone between left and right.

Palin is no Reagan.

A dispute over earmarks divides Senate Republicans.

For gays, the election brought some good news.

Could Snowe switch parties?

Robert Reich explains why Democrats more easily move to the center after a defeat than Republicans do (found via Blue in the Bluegrass).

Far more voters favor raising taxes on the rich than favor cutting Social Security or defense.

From Michigan comes yet more evidence that the teabaggers are really just the same old Christian Right.

The Democratic party has communication problems.

What if Hillary were President now?

Andrew Shirvell has been fired. Dissenting Justice comments.

Cheer for your rapists, or else!

How should you feel toward God?

The True Believer award for October 2010 has been bestowed.

Let firebrands be firebrands and diplomats be diplomats.

Being nice doesn't work with everybody.

Now this is what real religious oppression looks like. More here.

The concept of "non-overlapping magisteria" is a useless lie.

A mob tens of thousands strong marches through the capital to protest austerity measures, setting fires and breaking windows, and even tries to storm the ruling party's headquarters. Athens? No, London.

The Aral Sea, once the world's fourth-largest landlocked body of water, is almost destroyed.

Mountains may serve plants as refuges from global warming.

Coral is dying in the Gulf of Mexico, and evidence points to BP's oil dispersant as the cause.

Neuroscientists are making brain orgasm movies.

Maria Konovalenko reports from the TEDMED 2010 conference in San Diego.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Bud! (Infodel)

Still grazing here, but wanted to post a few comment's first.

Citizen Warrior piece on Warrior culture meeting peacenik culture .... What a piece! History clearly will show us the reality if we pause and read. And YES .... cannibalism was a big time reality until recent centuries actually in battle, gal's get screwed first then served for dinner, and you didnt have to be 18 year's old either ... remind you of any tribe's in the 21st century? ... hint, hint .... I better shut the fuck up on this, since I'm merely a guest here. :)

Nice tip's from BeAttitude ... conflicting bible passage's? .... geeeezzz ... your kiddin(?) I would have never thought ... fuck me up my ass with a Witches broomstick! Imagine that! Having read the entire bible myself though ... all caca aside ... considering God's consideration and help in all the decade's of problem's we have had to deal with ... I dont see what anything would matter as far as what God think's ... God dont have to deal with this shit we do! Ya'll keep your God where he belong's ... in paradise on a leash!

MSNBC on the Brit Student's protest in LondonTown ... I actually been keeping close tab's on this ... and Cheers to the student's (refer to Citizen Warrior piece on dealing with Warrior Culture for my reason's). I intended on doing a piece on this actually comparing Georgia(USA) student protest's this week as well, and the comparison's/ difference's. Georgia student's were walking in circles, stuffing their face's with twinkies and energy drinx, while texting, with mark -a- lot sign's stapled to their butt's and back's ... while Brit student's got in the face's and made their message loud and clear. :)

Hot 4 Jezuz ... What a hot sexy piece! Especially with Bachmann who as long as she's hot ... you can bet I am! She is a real Chunk to me ("Chunk" is a term I use for the chix equivalent of the male "Hunk") I know .... she's old ... so am I ... were about the same age, and I love psychotic, sadistic women! ... Jezuz? I dont give a shit, bring it on Grrlll, you look so goddamn good, I would go to sunday service with ya! But never expect me to vote Tea Party ... that's a tad too much.

Be back later ... gotz to shower and git ready for work!

13 November, 2010 07:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Warrior culture meeting peacenik culture .... What a piece!

Most of it's excerpted from the book Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, which I strongly recommend.

actually in battle, gal's get screwed first then served for dinner

It's uncouth for people to play with their food.

fuck me up my ass with a Witches broomstick!

This request might best be addressed to the ersatz Ms. Bachmann, or maybe Ms. O'Donnell.....

Ya'll keep your God where he belong's ... in paradise on a leash!

I wonder if the parks up there have signs saying "Curb you god".

Georgia student's were walking in circles, stuffing their face's with twinkies and energy drinx

Oh, so it wasn't a hunger strike then? I haven't heard about this protest -- perhaps that indicates that it wasn't very successful.

13 November, 2010 07:51  
Blogger Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

Only good news of the Day: Aung Suu Kyi has finally been released! I bet the other way as the friggin military junta had nothing to gain by releasing her.

13 November, 2010 09:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

A couple thing's I'd like to add here.

Thanx for the Discovery News posting and link's on plant life taking refuge in mountain's, although I watch Discovery Channel, this was a first I heard on this. I wont get too detailed here ... but we are fixin to really see some change's, and of course ... evolution will take's is course as far as the extinction of species and the replenishment's of new species which are plenty too. Although denialist's of the condition will bark and bark over this and that ... and I have alway's guessed since over 10/ 12 thousand year's that sure ... we probably were melting to some degree ... however ... I have looked at the last 100 year's of humanity as drastically increasing the melting at an alarming rate from the carbon's and trash output's. We can fight and argue till were blue in the face .... but the reality is ... we are a most destructive species to this earth ... and we better wake up a realize it. We NO LONGER have the excuse that we dont have the technologies etc for alternative energies ... this is pue BS ... we have it ... it's a matter of making it happen.

Also nice piece from Meng Bomin on the Aral Sea.

And as far as the GOP battle over earmark's ... stop by my place sometime and see David Stockman's comment's on earmark's ... another crock ... because frankly their under $10 billion annually, and used for political show ... there is a Hell of alot of more higher amount's of serious money being manipulated and milked than earmark's ... even clearing them, would do NOTHING on the impact of the economy. We better take serious action .... like .... duhhhh ... maybe slow down on building nation's we cant bloody police and secure.

I'll shut up now. :)

14 November, 2010 08:31  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

i look forward to your round-ups every week, infidel. thanks!

14 November, 2010 15:30  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Also nice piece from Meng Bomin on the Aral Sea.

Haven't read him much until recently, but he's got some interesting, offbeat stuff.

i look forward to your round-ups every week, infidel. thanks!


14 November, 2010 15:37  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah ... I was hip on that from being Jared Diamond ... I have the video Guns, Germs, and Steel (although the book would be more detailed) which is an excellent video. A friend turned me on to the video a few year's back!

15 November, 2010 05:21  

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