20 November 2010

Link roundup for 20 November 2010

Hysterical Raisins serves Republicans for breakfast and lunch.

Blag Hag has Christmas cards and ornaments with a biology twist.

Bud at Dead Logic looks at religious bumper stickers.

Iron Sky should be an interesting movie, but it's just a movie.

They just don't make Nazis like they used to.

Sexual freedom is for everyone.

Religious troll, meet elementary logic.

Legislators in Texas and Florida attempt "religious bukkake".

Jeremy Hooper fisks Newsweek's absurd profile of Brian Brown.

The Palin Facebook flap reveals much.

DNA testing casts doubt on the guilt of convicted murderer Claude Jones -- too bad he was executed ten years ago.

The Republican party has an 800-pound-mama-grizzly problem.

David Frum is quite enjoying Palin's new book.

Republicans have a Christmas present for the unemployed.

Take a closer look at Obama's falling approval rating.

Republicans' rhetoric will drive them toward another government shut-down.

Don't let timid Democrats barter away women's freedom -- or financial reform.

Voters don't expect or want much from empowered Republicans.

Obama seems to have drawn the wrong lesson from the election.

Every time I think the anti-porn nuts can't sink any lower -- they do (found via Feminisnt).

39% of Americans agree that marriage is becoming obsolete -- and more than half now accept a gay couple with children as being a family.

A Catholic school's effort to suppress debate backfires.

Election workers in Philadelphia used the Bible as a tool of voter intimidation.

Ahab at Republic of Gilead encounters the stunning arrogance of religious fanatics (see here for a similar experience of my own).

Juan Williams had a point, and a lot of NPR supporters know it.

Religion is just as valid a target of skeptical inquiry as bigfoot or dowsing rods -- if not more so. More here.

The concept of an "atheist church" is a contradiction in terms.

Brian Brown is the latest religious bigot to claim that his victims are persecuting him.

President Medvedev is trying to move Russia closer to the West.

A new video recorded for the It Gets Better project highlights the difference between American and British conservatism.

The Greek government is too corrupt to fight corruption effectively.

PZ Myers finds Mexico's Catholicism to be startlingly syncretistic.

"We will show strength and will not allow ourselves to be intimi- dated.....We will not allow international terrorism to limit our lifestyles nor our culture of freedom." Germany's response to terror threats contrasts with our absurd and panicky airport security theater.

The mayor of London says Bush could be arrested if he visits Britain (found via Oliver Willis).

Germany is toughening its standards for asylum seekers.

Good news on a colossal scale: the Third World is catching up.

A newly-discovered archive documents anti-Nazi resistance on the island of Guernsey (found via Mendip).

The behavior of bacteria suggests some interesting insights.

Italian doctors implant a new trachea grown from the patient's own stem cells.

The true cause of schizophrenia -- and bipolar disorder -- may be a virus (found via Mendip).

Stem-cell-enhanced "mighty mice" offer hope for aging human muscles.

"The time has come for man to get over his cosmic inferiority complex."


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Infodel ... Really alot of great stuff here as far as food for thought. I am still going throguh this, so a couple comment's I would like to add first.

The AOLNews piece on Claude Jones and Texas execution's is more deep than even that. You posted a piece in one of your last round up's that I did on Texas Execution's, and why I felt they should be indefinitely suspended. Even though Texas has slowed down a tad in the last few year's ... it doesnt even look closely at what they already did. I'm am not anti death penalty ... what I'm saying is I know damn well first hand that too many have been executed for year's here that had Kangaroo trial's of sort. It is so common in the mindset here that folk's dont give it much thought, in other word's ... the mentality is ... "so what, we get 8/ 9 out of 10 right were doing good" But what I know about this is incredible, of the stories of trial's I could tell. If it wasnt for the national media and atencion, we frankly would be up shit's creek here on this. Killing across the board in Texas, is about as common as daily breakfast, so you have a large population of folk's that dont think about it much, because it's so common here.

As far as other news in Texas and Florida concerning Nameless Cynic's Legislator's Bukkake ... this is also common daily stuff. :)

Weirdness made a post of interest, when writing about Iron Sky Myth's, because actually not only that ... but the History Channel has other questionable programming across the board, and the Nazi Tech thing is one that amazed me and had me wondering.

Hysterical Raisin's on breakfast and other food packaging's is not only funny, but actually a work of art!

Dead Logic on the religios bumper sticker's are fun .... but may I suggest, if you really want to see some hilarious anti fundi bumper sticker's, Google a place called AZURE GREEN ... a metaphysic's joint I been shopping at for a quarter century now!

21 November, 2010 07:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

if you really want to see some hilarious anti fundi bumper sticker's, Google a place called AZURE GREEN

Heh.....I may have to get this one.

21 November, 2010 09:44  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I hear ya Guy .... nice sticker! Great to have in any of the bible town's especially. Actually ... AzureGreen has some really decent price's on their item's too ... I have bought jewelry, various incenses, video's, book's, some gift's for friend's and familia, etc, and they have a good size inventory as well! :)

21 November, 2010 19:04  
Anonymous Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing ... that was the first time I ever heard of anything like that as far as the Discovery piece via Mendip on Isanity Virus's ... I mean ... that's all the fuck we need next ... so all these folk's that kill for fun, like all the parent's that kill their kid's I been writing about, get to have even another defense to get away with it, as many of these scumfuck Texas mom's have gotten away with. Awful on one hand in Texas, we have a probability strong of executing innocent's ... some mom can kill her kid's and cry that she has post up the ass syndrome or get's message's from ancient fictional prophet's, and walk Scott Free ... or like that scumfuck muslim dad who executed his 2 daughter's on the phone to 911, etc.

Politics Plus, I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my bloody watch! :) ... But was a hilarious piece in a sense, on the GOP's War on Xmas ... I know the awful reality of this, certainly wrote enough garbage about it myself ... but what's hilarious ... is looking at all the masses of dumbasses in this country that buy all this horseshit, then in a few year's from now ... they'll be whining about this and that ... and the usual politician's will have 101 reason's why this didnt happen or that didnt happen with a train load of mouthpiece flunkies to back them ... and bottom line ... is not a goddamn thing got done .... because also , the people dont act.

22 November, 2010 01:19  

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