09 December 2009

Sexual common sense

That no-nonsense gal from the "Origin of Stupidity" video is back with another one on sex education and Christian "side hugs" (found via Oliver Willis). Previous video here, her blog here.


Blogger Stimpson said...

One recent YouTube commenter calls abstinence-only "mental abuse." I'd say that's accurate. Resist those natural urges; if you follow those urges, much shame on you and you're going to HELL. Sounds like mental abuse to me.

09 December, 2009 09:03  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

I doubt anyone these days practice abstinence. We have a perfect example in Palin's daughter.

09 December, 2009 14:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Stimpson: The Catholic priesthood is not exactly a good advertisement for what happens when you suppress natural urges for a long time. Apparently they turn into un-natural urges.

Not that teenagers who are taught abstinence-only are going to end up as child molesters, but they do often seem to marry early and unwisely so they can get sex "legitimately". Thus, ironically, they do end up in "Hell".

Leslie: Palin's daughter is a good example. If teenagers aren't taught properly about sex, they have a tendency to "learn by doing". Which is how those accidental pregnancies and elevated VD rates happen.

10 December, 2009 01:34  
Blogger Mr. Charleston said...

This girl is terrific. Sex is like anything else, the more it's forbidden, the more kids want it. In open households, such as a European one, where sex is talked about openly and wine is served at the dinner table, there are far fewer problems with either.

Thanks for stopping by my place Infidel753, please don't be a stranger.

11 December, 2009 05:44  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

sex is talked about openly and wine is served at the dinner table

It would be even better the other way around:-)

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!

11 December, 2009 06:31  
Blogger TomCat said...

Not surprisingly the states which rely on 'abstinence only' and restrict common sense information about birth control in the classroom are the ones with the highest teen pregnancy rates.

12 December, 2009 10:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

05 January, 2010 22:27  

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