04 December 2009

Blogroll update

A couple of additions to the blog list:

RealClimate -- "Climate science from climate scientists" -- is a useful source of clarity on an area in which the denialist nutters have been unusually active lately -- especially since the actual effects of global warming visible on the ground are looking even worse than the models anticipated.

Religious Right Watch keeps close tabs on what's brewing on the Christian Right, including anti-abortion violence, terrorist threats, "The Family", the various anti-gay campaigns, creationism, and the warnings of Frank Schaeffer -- one of their links led me to this wide-ranging interview with Schaeffer, which is a must-read.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

A couple pretty good link's indeed.

On the "Religious Right" issue, you probably know how I am no stranger to those. I have dealt with these type's for year's ... and NO ...I am NOT anti-christian belief's. I am alway's asked by those about my "belief's"(they seem so confused as to where I stand, if I say I'm spiritual) ... I dont choose to "share" my belief's, my belief's will do no one else any good.Why any of these crackpot's would even think they can just meet me on the street and ask what I believe, and to expect me to just "share" with them is what's confusing to me? I am all for a person's right to believe, but what we see (and this is as familiar throughout history as a broken record)is not people believing and sharing amongst friend's and familia in church or their home's...but declaring themselve's as GMP (God's Morality Police) based on what someone wrote in a foreign land on another continent 4000 to 2000 year's back or so. I alway's ask them ..."Well why are you telling me this?" ... I have had to react not so friendly to some to be frank, and that's what you have to do, I will NOT take shit from them, or be polite, or try to explain myself. I will tell them straight out on the street if they try to hand me a pamphet ..."I dont give a fuck about that,so get the fuck outta my face", I did once at a DART train station platform and a lady standing by who was not even involved told me afterward's..."That's not nice", I told her "It wasnt meant to be" (fuck her too). And all these benefit's and support they get from the government's, not just from this country but abroad is pathetic, I wouldnt give them shit, beside's ... "God" provide's for them ...let him feed them, if I am a boss or employer ...you bring that shit to work...your out the door...period.We are not firm on none of these folk's is my point, especially on muslim immigrant's and those who are born here as well ...who just think that they are all this and that.If you dont like this country ...take your ragged ass outta here ... and as far as I'm concerned, these christian's that want to do the same...follow them and ya'll can go pray, fight, hug each other or whatever over there in the promise land, or any of these backward fleabag f'n countries, starve to death for all I give a shit.Why should you be nice to someone who would love to see you beheaded or burnt at the stake? To me, that is insane.

Thank You Sir .....

04 December, 2009 05:16  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW ...I got so distracted and so lengthy into this puritan crap ...I have to comment seperately on "Real Climate" , what a good addition that is! I especially liked how they pointed out why science is never settled ... because it should never be ...if you practice a science that "is settled" ...then it isnt science any more! I dont see how anyone can even buy that a scientic find is just simply "settled". And frankly all the crap I been hearing out of England recently about scientist's falsifying warming or whatever and investigation's on them ...well that's fine, and no one want's lies, but personally I dont care if a few scientist's did lie or whatever ...I still want to know why we feel it is necessary to trash the air,water and land?

Thank You Sir .....

04 December, 2009 05:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Their point is that "settled science" isn't an expression scientists have been using, it's one that has been attributed to them by the anti-science side.

There are a lot of areas where our knowledge of the basic reality is as close to certain as it's possible for human knowledge to get, even if some of the details are debatable. For example, if the accuracy of some data about the height of the Himalayas were questioned, that would not re-open a "debate" about whether the Earth is round or flat. The situation with evolution or global warming is the same.

I haven't seen anything to suggest that the CRU scientists were falsifying anything, only that some people who were denialists anyway have misread it that way. But even if they were, it wouldn't affect the reality of anthropogenic global warming.

04 December, 2009 06:19  
Blogger mendip said...

Great links - Thanks much!

04 December, 2009 06:46  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I understand the point there on the term "settled science" and that no scientist would be theoretically satisfied with such a thought ...but I also realize that a few scientist's are human and of coarse can be persuaded financially or other personally beneficial way's to make a "finding" and say ...here's the "answer" for that time or particular question in the mainstream.

The last few day's and morning's I would like to see a lil warming come through Dallas ...it's been frigid here with that damn wind that come's through this part of the country,light snow in Dallas, but El Paso and West Texas got hammered with snow...yes...even the desert.... and today ...from San Antonio (south of Dallas and the Northern Texas Coast) to Houston are expecting a good blanketing of snow as well, this is rare for the Houston Area though. The last time they had a snow/sleet dropping back probably a decade or so ago ...they had something like 14,000 wreck's during morning rush hour!

Have a good un Guy! .....

04 December, 2009 07:31  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Thanks for sharing. I have been wanting one site where I can keep up with the right. I'm not really interested in reading their propaganda. This will save me time and energy and offer a perspective I wouldn't get otherwise.

Will add both to my faves.

04 December, 2009 08:33  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for the pointers!

04 December, 2009 10:08  

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