28 November 2009

Link roundup for 28 November 2009

Apparently Ovaltine has a startling side effect (found via Mendip).

Keith Knight looks at the origin of the left and the right.

Obama issues a bleeding-heart-liberal pardon.

What would the Earth look like if it had rings like Saturn?

These strange rock formations near the Urals (found via Mendip) remind me of the stone towers of Starside.

PZ Myers wishes you a happy Wary Vigilance Day.

Holte Ender looks at the great imperialist Cecil Rhodes.

Stupid Evil Bastard weighs in on that remake of The Prisoner. Sounds awful.

This Cultural Christian proposes the Ripley paradigm on abortion.

Oh come on, not that old rag again.

Three candidates attract 193% of Republican support.

Teabagger vileness descends to a new low.

Palin could be useful.

Republicans are considering a ten-part litmus test for candidates. David Frum doesn't like the idea; Dissenting Justice has more.

Obama makes a small but meaningful start on limiting the power of big money in Washington. The larger problem is this kind of thing.

David Frum looks at the threat a Dobbs Presidential run in 2012 might pose to Republicans.

Kids at a Florida school celebrate bigotry and bullying.

This holiday season, remember the wealthy.

Credit-card issuers are on a shameless rampage.

Chris Matthews interrogates Bishop Thomas Tobin on the Catholic Church's efforts to pressure politicians on abortion.

The Catholic Church used disgusting moral sophistry to protect child-molesting priests in Ireland for decades. In North Dakota, the Church wants to shield their retirement benefits (found via Outta the Cornfield).

Small parties should do well in the next British election.

Israel moves ahead on medical marijuana.

The birth rate of the Muslim minority in Israel is plummeting (found via Eye on the World).

A Russian priest who criticized Islam has been murdered.

Yesterday's train crash in Russia may have been a terrorist attack.

Chinese test pilot Yang Guoxiang encountered a minor technical problem. Unfortunately it involved an H-bomb (found via Mendip).

Sumatran orangutans face devastating loss of habitat (sent by Ranch Chimp).

The AIDS epidemic probably peaked in 1996.

I've linked to this Origin of Stupidity video before, but Jerry Critter's posted it again and it's too good to pass up.

Environmental damage due to global warming is moving faster than even the grimmest climate models predicted (found via Mad Mike's America).

Rising temperatures mean stronger winds on Lake Superior.

European scientists are studying the largest known star -- which may be about to explode.

A man blind for 30 years has regained some vision through bionic technology (found via Mendip).

Brain implants may allow direct mind-computer interfacing by 2020 (found via Mendip).


Anonymous Kvatch said...

Hey Infidel...many thanks for the mention and happy Thanksgiving (a bit late).

28 November, 2009 07:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Nice set of link's Mr.Infidel

3 that really caught my attention would have been from the "Raw Story" about warming exceeding the grimmest climate model's .. I actually been expecting that one. Another was from Science Daily on the wind's of Lake Superior, I wasnt familiar with that so it was a suprise of sort ...I lived on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie before, those lake's up there are huge ...and ancient at that! Another one that was a mind blowing piece to read actually was about the colossal star found via Herschel ... what a fascinating line of work astronomer's must have, if the average redneck sob like me were to actually view something like that first hand in person...our jaw's would be to the floor!for them...it's just another of million's of sight's. Nice line up indeed on them.

I have heard talk,talk about Dobbs and his possible political future, although I dont know if I see him as a democrat or republican...and those are the two that dominate ...or at least all we will see in this era.It would be fun though to see him run on the GOP side and have to go up against Palin...watch them tell lie's about each other and have the usual bitch fight's then hug each other and be running mate's later and loose. I am sure President Obama will run for a second term, and I voted for him ...but one thing I dont like about any of this is any 2nd term for anyone.I especially dont like the lifelong career's of those in the Senate and such ...I just like new face's and doing thing's a little quicker I reckon.

Bagger Vileness(Ms.Elizabeth) was a expected read, but worth it.I ran into one the other day here in Dallas...and we really shot off some word's at each other ..a nearby woman actually got frightened for a moment .. so we both tried to show her we were okay,and shook hand's in front of her...when she left...we went back at each other's throat's of coarse, it's my nature,I'm a redneck sob at heart and hate bullies.This sob had the nerve to ask me if I'm christian...that really set me off. I told him ...I'm a f'n white American man...do I look like I worship some ragheaded f'n creed out of the middle east MF?! He couldnt figure out what kind of "socialist" I am for carryin gun's? Yep ...it got pretty hot though.

I had to read the piece bout the Prisoner by SEB ...just because I have heard this before ...and had not the slightest idea of what the "Prisoner" was ...just show's you I been under rock's myself.

Those pic's of the rock formation's found Mr.Mendip were excellent.

Ovaltine and Gay(Mr.Mendip) ...Geeez ...I better not even start on that...I drink Ovaltine almost daily on these cold morning's here on the Ranch! :)

Later Guy .....

28 November, 2009 09:58  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks Infidel!

28 November, 2009 12:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turns out that bleeding-heart-librul pardon has even worse consequences for Obama than we expected (from The Borowitz Report):

In a potentially embarrassing situation for the Obama White House, a turkey pardoned by President Obama earlier this week went on a three-state killing spree on Thanksgiving Day, killing nine.

While authorities were still piecing together the motivation behind the recidivist fowl's homicidal rampage, a chorus of Republican critics complained that pardoning the feathered killer was symptomatic of the Obama administration's misguided policies.

"First they close down Guantanamo, then they let killer turkeys run free," said House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH). "Next thing you know they'll put this turkey on trial in New York."

28 November, 2009 14:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the comments, all!

RC: some ragheaded f'n creed out of the middle east

Such as Christianity, you mean?:-)

Elizabeth: a turkey pardoned by President Obama earlier this week went on a three-state killing spree

Guess they should have checked its bird certificate.

28 November, 2009 15:38  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yes, Christianity ... I mean, from all I read that's all it is,I like reading the Bible for leisure, and the Jesus stories and all, but that is what they are ...stories, and from a culture and time alien to anything I've ever known is all. Look at a Nativity scene made up by folk's for the holiday season, which you should even be able to find somewhere's even in PDX .. and how the image's/statue's are made up, does that look anything like American or European/western for that matter?,yes, we do the same dress up for Halloween too, but Halloween isnt a major factor in decision's within our government and social system set up, or any of the culture like our's in 21st century America? A system that insult's human potential and progress ...reject's science,reject's reality, it wouldnt be so bad if folk's didnt take it so serious, but that is the root of all the major problem's of humanity, and the only reason we are NOT further ahead than what we are as a whole, it take's so long to get anything done simple because we let this all create obstacle's in our progress evolution and spend year's trying to debate over what Simon(Peter) meant,or Paul, or Moses or whoever, if not for this ...we would have ALREADY been to our next level, BUT NO ...were more worried about wondering what they meant when they said this or that, and what our live's here and now should consist of ...and from MF's on top of that who believed the goddamn earth is flat! What really get's me ...is when I told this man that(that I'm not christian)...he paused and said ..."Well I'm white too ...but I believe in Jesus Christ"(that'
s his problem,shouldnt have to be mine). I dont care what folk's want to believe in, you can make a religion based on Ronald McDonald if you want ... but to me ...all organized religion's have far too much freedom, and are a contaminating factor to society and especially our children ... as far as I'm concerned in 21st century America ...Darwin,Dawkins and evolution have more to do with "Nature/God" than any of those campfire stories. That's just me though ...I'll shut the Hell up now. Thanx ......

28 November, 2009 17:09  
Anonymous Blurber said...

I knew Rhodes was a bit of an imperialist but I didn't know he had gone this far. What a will!

30 November, 2009 08:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Indeed, "the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire" -- hardly less ambitious than wanting to "annex the planets".

30 November, 2009 09:31  

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