02 August 2009

Mass wedding in Gaza

Hamas has sponsored a mass wedding for 450 couples in Gaza, including a gift of $500 each (which is quite a lot in such a poor economy). It sounds like an almost heartwarming story -- until you reach the ending. Read the posting all the way through, to see the little detail which the MSM stories leave out.


Anonymous rita said...

Wow! I'm shocked! Are they really marrying those little girls? Forgive me for sounding crude...I mean they won't really try to have sex with them? I'm asking because you understand the culture more then I do.

02 August, 2009 15:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Recall that the Prophet Muhammad married one of his wives (Aisha) when she was six and consummated the marriage when she was nine. If the Prophet did it, it is acceptable. Marriages of adult men to girls who would be considered far too young by the standards of non-Islamic cultures are common in many Islamic countries.

02 August, 2009 19:51  
Blogger samantha said...


This link states the pics are false but then where is the proof that these kids are not the brides. They should post the pics of the brides if that is the case.

I knew people that were muslim that said that gay marriages were wrong but having sex with a child is rape, it is disgusting.

30 May, 2011 00:29  

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