02 August 2009

Tales of socialized medicine

One of the foremost propaganda tactics being used against health-care reform is horror stories about "socialized medicine" in other countries. There is now a site, Americans Abroad Know About National Health Care, which allows Americans who have actually experienced medical treatment in countries with national health systems to speak for themselves. So far, Americans in France, Japan, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands are represented. (One of the great positives about health-care reform is that every developed country other than ours already has a national health system, so we have a wealth of actual functioning examples to look at to see what works and what doesn't.) If you have had medical treatment abroad, there's an e-mail address you can use to send in your own story. This site is a great resource.

Found via Reconstitution 2.0.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I really enjoyed this blog site, and tend on going back.There is such a powerful voice and lobby in our country with much money on the line to make sure we get as far from socialized health care as we can.Not even Obama's suggestion of "just" having a gvmnt "option" is getting too much support, and the left and the right are chopping it,but mainly the right. I had posted a lil about this myself,cause I see clearly what they are doing to the President's motion's and proposal's.Local conservative talk radio in Dallas...is hammering the hell out of this too...making it sound like this would be a death sentence to nationalize heath care. I could go on, on this topic...you know what I'm talking about..so I'll call it quit's.

Thanx Mr.Infidel...and thank's to Mr.Jolly Roger as well.

02 August, 2009 07:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Infidel, I was born and raised in real socialism, with the heavy communist flavor -- and our health care (and free education on *all* levels) was what I've sorely missed upon transplanting myself to the US.

Suffice to say that nobody went bankrupt and/or died because they could not afford medical care under socialism. There was absolutely no rationing involved either.

And, to begin with (at the end, if need be :), Obama's health care reform has nothing to do with socialism. What utter and complete propagandist nonsense.

05 August, 2009 22:29  

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