01 August 2009

Link roundup for 1 August 2009

Romantic passion comes in varied forms (found via The Crossed Pond).

Play mattress dominoes!

This seems fishy.

Looks like somebody picked up Egypt and dropped it on Iraq?!

Alfred "Alferd" Packer was a man of taste.

Here's a sensible look at one of the silliest movies of recent years. More here.

Radical-feminist lesson for the day: it doesn’t matter whether you liked it or didn’t like it.

Conservative columnist George Will bashes my home city. Our Congressman Earl Blumenauer responds with some facts.

Right-wingers have been talking rubbish about another city too -- here are some more facts.

Everyone should wear this.

The British army has valuable lessons for us.

Here is that "banana-eating jungle monkey" e-mail. Dissenting Justice has some salient observations about it. Read this too.

The Obama's-not-a-natural-born-citizen nutters are concentrated in just one area of the country. No wonder so many Republican Congressmen prefer to run away from the issue.

Much attention is focused on health-care reform, but this food-safety reform bill deserves attention too. Particularly notable: it "requires those importing food to the United States to meet the same safety standards as domestic food producers." I wish more people were aware that this isn't already the case.

A reminder of the human cost of Iran's struggle against its vicious theocratic regime.

Chinese labor unrest: not for the faint-hearted.

Sam Harris speaks out on Francis Collins, Obama's disappointing new NIH chief. More here.

Stephen Hawking! Yes!!!

View a solar eclipse from above (thanks CP).

This headline could have been worded a lot better: "Parasitic worms make sex worthwhile".

What Bush didn't want us to see: the Obama administration has declassified evidence of what's happening in the Arctic.

Animal minds resemble our own: a beluga whale shows empathy and altruism by saving a human diver (found via Mendip).


Blogger mendip said...

Great links - thanks! The mattress dominoes is wonderful fun, and I'm a big fan of Alferd Packer. He's something of a minor folk legend in Southwest Colorado. There used to be a Alferd Packer Pizza Parlor in the town of Ouray about 15 years ago; there are one or more booklets sold locally about his story as well as a cookbook...

01 August, 2009 06:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm almost afraid to imagine that cookbook.....

01 August, 2009 09:02  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

You alway's have such a variety of topic's in your round up of coarse...but the one that really caught me was the one about the declassification of certain info that was I reckon put on the back burner so to speak about global warming and effect's that could come in the Artic.And I am happy to see the term "global warming" used...it seem's like everyone has replaced it with this new PC BS they call climatic change, hell, now I hear American's because of this term refering to this as all natural and no different than how the Ice Age of 10,000 yr's ago came about(all on the right). It doesnt suprise me of anything the gruesome twosome(Bush/Cheney) would have tossed in the dead files(forgive me,I mean "classified") or whatever...I mean...it's business to these guy's. I used to think that they had fantasy dream's when leaving office that Palin would make one day VP or Pres because of her famous saying of "drill baby drill" and being the Alaskan toughy. Nothing against the gal...I like her, but I sure as f**k wouldnt vote for her, I like her personality...they like her because she's like a trained dog...give a bone and she'll perform. It seem's sad to me that most of what I read about these thing's come's from Euro Press instead of here...yet this is happening in our country. Enough said........


01 August, 2009 18:21  

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